Grow Your Ecommerce Brand With. SHOP


November 18, 2020

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Grow Your Ecommerce Brand With .SHOP

There are several factors you need to consider before you go out there and build your online store.

You should start by choosing the right domainYour domain name is important because it’s the first touchpoint that tells customers who you are and what you offer. And if chosen wisely, it can help build brand awareness and can drive traffic to your website.

Your online store deserves a strong domain that makes you look credible and professional online. That’s why .shop is the ideal domain for you.

Find out how a .shop name could be the most beneficial domain for your online business.

How a .Shop Domain Helps With Your Ecommerce Success

Quickly tell customers who you are

Quickly tell customers who you areIf you're selling online, then a .shop domain will help you stand out in the crowded online marketplace. It quickly tells your target market that you’re the go-to place online.

For example, if you're in the shoe businessusing as your web address may confuse customers. It could be a blog about shoes, a shoe review site, or a gallery of cool-looking shoes. Meanwhile, if you usshoes.shopit will instantly tell customers that you are selling shoes.

You see, having a niche-specific domain also helps you lure in people who are more likely to buy from your online store.

Drive relevant traffic to your website

Drive relevant traffic to your websiteRunning an online store is vastly different from running a physical one. You need to optimise your website to drivthe right traffic and eventually generate sales.

The term “shop” is already a keyword itself. That’s why having a .shop domain tells search engines that you are an online retailer, directing purchase-oriented traffic to your website. This could potentially be a gamechanger for your business when combined with other SEO strategies.

Establish customer trust

Establish customer trustHaving a .shop domain gives the impression that you’re serious and dedicated to building a great brand, earning their trust. As you establish this trust, make sure not to disappoint your customers and drive them away with an unprofessional web design.

The overall picture you paint in the customers' mind is important. Make sure to put a lot of thought in creating smooth navigation and eye-pleasing web design. By doing so, you’ll also lead customers to easily take any action you want them to take which is number one – to purchase your product.

Gives you more opportunity tbcreative

Gives you more opportunity to be creativeAgain, .shop is a niche-specific domain extension. This gives you more freedom to add a quirky and catchy name before it while making sure it speaks for your brand.

For example, instead of having a website name going, you can have a short and more memorable website name that goes

The .shop domain name is one of the few domain names that serve a greater purpose. It helps visitors immediately find what they are looking for online.

Get your .shop domain today

Registering the right domain name is the first step towards building a successful online store. And what better way to do it than claiming your .shop domain.  Besides, it makes the best alternative when your desired .com domain is not available anymore.

Get ahead of your competitors and search for the best .shop domain name for your ecommerce business today.


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