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October 15, 2021

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No Treats, Just Tricks: Tips to Boost Ecommerce Sales

Halloween is one of the busiest times of the year in terms of web traffic on ecommerce platforms. And you can make the most of this seasonal fervour by employing certain Halloween marketing ideas. These will help you capitalise on the holiday mood and increase sales and revenue for your business.

Read on to find out how you can best incorporate Halloween campaign ideas into your marketing efforts this year.

8 Tips to Boost Ecommerce Sales This Halloween

Scary and fun website designs

The first thing visitors will notice on your website is the overall theme and design. If you want to immerse in the Halloween spirit and offer a festive experience to your customers, you can apply fun and spooky changes to your website design.

You can install spooky sound effects like chains rattling, cackling, bats, howling etc. or add playful, visual elements like spiders and ghosts that are unmistakably Halloween-themed.

Or, if you’re running a web design agency, create a cross-sell opportunity by providing a one-time Halloween design offer for your clients. After all, who doesn’t want to join in on the Halloween craze?

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Modify your logo

Modify your logo

Your brand or website logo is what your clients and customers most identify with. And tweaking it to incorporate the holiday fever is a surefire way to encourage more sales.

Not only do such modifications help you capture the spirit of Halloween, but they also help make the customer shopping experience relevant and fun.

Be careful not to overdo your edits, though. Small and simple changes — like modifying the colour theme, adding common Halloween elements like candy canes, bats, and pumpkins — are some ways to make your logo Halloween-friendly.

Showcase Halloween-themed products

Place your best Halloween-themed products front and centre to capture the mood and essence of the holiday. For example, if you’re an ecommerce brand that sells hats, introducing a Halloween-themed collection should do the trick.

Sometimes, producing new products can be impossible. In such cases, you may consider changing packaging and offering Halloween-themed accessories instead.

Promote on social media

Promote on social media

Social media is a business's best marketing tool in 2021. Generate a positive buzz around your products and brand by posting content that revolves around the many facets of Halloween.

Of course, make sure it draws attention to your product and service offerings. Your Halloween marketing can use social media to direct users to your ecommerce website.

Making creative, short, and spooky videos is one way of using social media marketing to reach more potential customers and drum up interest in the products that your business has to offer.

Get spooky and creative with email marketing

Email marketing is an indispensable part of marketing in general. And this holds true especially during the holidays. Hundreds of thousands of users across the world are on the lookout for attractive deals and offers on Halloween — presenting an exciting opportunity for all businesses.

By blending the spirit of Halloween into your marketing strategy, you can send spooky and fun, personalised emails that offer exciting discounts to your prospective clients and customers.

This will help boost your conversion rates and drive website traffic. To drive up sales further, design your emails in a way that captures the fun and frolic that Halloween brings to the fore.

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Offer freebies and rewards

Offer freebies and rewards

Nothing excites consumers more than freebies. With every successful order placed on your website, you can offer customers a Halloween-themed freebie, such as candy, a set of candles, or a scary mask.

These small gifts are a great way of converting website visitors to customers. It'll also help improve the brand goodwill and popularity during the holiday season.

If freebies do not fit your brand or business, you can offer rewards in the form of gift cards or discount codes to your customers. This will not only entice them to check out but also encourage them to come back and make more purchases.

Spread the Halloween fever through SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) are methods to apply within or outside your site to boost your ranking on search engines.

If you want to make the most of the shopping fever that sets in during the days leading up to and on the day of Halloween, make sure your site is easily found on Google.

Here are quick tips to drive organic traffic to your storefront this Halloween:

  • Research and use the right keywords. Use keyword research tools or Google’s related searches to see what queries users are searching on certain occasions like Halloween.
  • Create relevant content. Not only is it good for SEO, producing valuable content drives customer engagement and loyalty.
  • Contribute posts for other blogs. Collaborating with Halloween-related businesses will help promote your content and business on relevant platforms.

Boost your SEO efforts before the Halloween season to improve website ranking and ensure you don’t miss out on valuable sales and revenue.

Bring your Halloween website to mobile

Bring your Halloween website to mobile_

With over half of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, your Halloween-themed website should also be accessible through mobile.

If your brand has its own mobile app, ensure you roll out a Halloween update a few days before the day of Halloween to allow users ample time to install the update.

If you don’t have an app, ensure your website is optimised for viewing on mobile browsers.

Get spooked with skyrocketing sales

Use the marketing tips above to propel your business further this Halloween. Make your business relevant by taking part of the holidays. This helps your ecommerce business stay on trend — and boost sales and revenue at the same time.

Of course, don’t forget to do site improvements here and there to stay visible on search engines and drive relevant online traffic.

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