Why You Should Host Your Web Design Clients
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September 16, 2022

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5 Benefits of Hosting Your Web Design Clients

Established businesses usually don't have a problem generating income. But for some agencies looking to start bringing in additional revenue, there's a way for that.

One area that can provide you with a healthy source of revenue on an ongoing basis is hosting your clients' websites. And with the right hosting plan and correct pricing, you can turn even a small pool of clients into regular recurring revenue.

But you might think, "I don't know a thing about hosting websites."

Well, we're not letting you jump off the deep sea without a life jacket.

Sure, it's a bit risky to do an entirely new way of generating a new revenue stream, but with the right resources, the rewards are much sweeter for those who are willing to take the risk.

Before going into why web hosting for your clients is a great idea, let's first understand what it means.

Understanding Agency Web Hosting

What is Agency Web HostingAgency web hosting is the process of taking complete responsibility of setting up a hosting account with a reputable hosting service for your clients.

Also, you need to maintain and updattheir sites. Then work as a connecting link between your clients and your hosting service provider for any hosting-related issues.

It enables you to create individual hosting accounts for different clients using a single provider. Then, you can pick up plans for your users or help them do it, while you ensure that everything keeps running smoothly.

While agency hosting plans are like reseller hosting accounts, they give you access to more advanced functionality depending on your hosting provider.

5 Benefits of Hosting Your Web Design Client

Allows you to be more comfortable on your own server

Hosting for multiple clients can be a great way to learn how to create and manage databases quickly.

You'll have access to logs, know about what software is running on what platform, configure backup solutions as desired—the list of technical benefits is endless. And it doesn't require your backup procedures to change as you've already dealt with customer support and fully understand how the backend works.

You can skip most server-related tasks with the right hosting, except updating and keeping the website free from security issues.

Generates recurring revenue

Generates recurring revenue

As a web design agency that resells hosting, you can enjoy the benefit of recurring revenue by charging a premium for it. 

Most clients prefer to pay the fees charged for hosting as they fully understand that it costs money and takes time. 

Just by hosting, maintaining, and marketing, you can easily even out your monthly revenues.

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Simplifies hosting workflow

Simplifies hosting workflow

Hosting your client's website benefits your web design business by simplifying your overall hosting workflow. 

Adding hosting to your offerings makes your services look more valuable. You can create custom plans for your clients and set the prices for your services. 

For example, your client’s websites require more maintenance and updates compared to others. You can charge a premium for it while offering less expensive plans for clients who don't require as much upkeep. 

Get value-added service

Get value-added service

Knowing how to handle web servers is a valuable skill.  

And the best hosting for clients’ websites should allow them to take out all the unknowns, offering them complete peace of mind. Additionally, you can offer value-added services, including:  

  • Choose different plans for each user based on their needs.  
  • Get access to the billing functionality from within your hosting panel
  • Depending on your hosting provider, acquire SSL certificates and domains for your clients.

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Boosts client satisfaction

Boosts client satisfaction

Hosting for multiple clients' websites enables you to provide a much higher quality of service for customers who know little or nothing about hosting. 

It gives you quick access to your clients' websites and an easier time maintaining and updating them. 

Hosting platforms like Vodien, for example, offer partner-exclusive rates so you can offer clients hosting services at a competitive price. 

Moreover, it gives you the benefit of generating financial means to grow your web design agency. Such as offering additional services for your clients who don't want to deal with hosting hassles. 

Important Points to Consider Before Offering Hosting Services

Important points to consider before offering hosting services

Hosting setup

The setup of your hosting space is one of the most important considerations. 

Apart from the server's OS, PHP version, etc., you also need to think about how you'll manage the overall hosting work. This includes delegating access to individual clients or working on accessibility by a single admin. 

Where to host your client’s websites

Where will you host your clients’ websites? Should you have your own server or hire one from an outsourced partner? 

The solution? Pick the best client hosting provider that gives you a hassle-free hosting experience.

Unforeseen circumstances

When you offer hosting services to your client, you need to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances, such as a client winding up business midway. To avoid such instances, make sure to have a proper policy in place. 

Kickstart your web hosting business

At this point, hopefully, you're convinced to host your web design clients. 

Take advantage of web hosting plans explicitly geared towards web design agencies. Get additional revenue by taking over hosting responsibilities for your clients yourself. 

With the right hosting plan, easily maintain all your clients' websites with one single host and manage bulk billing without worrying about server maintenance.

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