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October 6, 2022

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13th Gen Intel Core, Arc A770, and More: 5 Exciting Highlights from Intel Innovation 2022

This year’s Intel Innovation 2022 brought some of the most exciting projects Intel has been working on for the past year. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger opened the talk with an emphasis on how technology wraps everything that human touches, calling it an era where technology is central to human existence.

Gelsinger led the keynote by introducing an array of Intel’s advancements rooted in an ecosystem of openness, choice, and trust. He dedicated the spotlight to addressing developer challenges with a series of demos on Intel’s latest advancements in software, hardware, and services, empowering today’s technologists to create tomorrow’s next big thing.

Let’s take a look at some of the event’s most applauded highlights and announcements.

5 Key Takeaways from Intel Innovation 2022

13th Gen Intel Core Desktop Processors

Intel finally unveiled the highly anticipated 13th Gen processor family, formally known as the Raptor Lake chips. The flagship Core i9-13900k tops the stack with mind-blowing 5.8 GHz clock speeds, 24 cores, and 32 threads. Gelsinger hailed it as the “fastest desktop processor ever built in the history” and assures the best performance in gaming, streaming, and recording.

He also teased the release of a limited volume of configured processors with 6 GHz core speeds, further elevating Intel’s lead in the market.

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Intel Arc A770 GPU

Intel’s failed Larrabee discreet graphics processor unit (GPU) initiative put to question whether they can launch a successful graphics card. But the introduction of Intel’s first-ever gaming GPU squashed away any doubt. The Intel A770 features a solid 1440 resolution and powerful performance on a budget. The launch price is only $329, which is significantly lower than its direct competitors of the same capacity.

By putting a cost-effective price tag, Intel is set to attract mainstream PC gamers who want the best gaming experience without the expense. Intel Arc A770 starts shipping on 12 October 2022.

Intel GETi Platform

The amount of work that goes into the development, deployment, and optimisation of AI models often hinders organisations from adopting such digital strategies.

The new Intel GETi platform diminishes the need for advanced expertise in AI modeling. It provides enterprises with an intuitive and collaborative computer vision platform — equipping anyone in the team to develop production-ready models on their own quickly. This significantly reduces cost, time, and training expenses for businesses.

Intel Developer Cloud Expansion

Gelsinger wrapped around Intel’s latest innovations around developer challenges. As part of its agenda to win developers and better equip them to overcome critical hardware obstacles, the business expanded the Developer Cloud.

The expansion now grants selected developers pre-launch privileges to use brand new Intel technologies from a few months to a year before their official market release. Pre-qualified customers will have beta access to the latest tech such as the 4th Gen Intel Xeon processors (Sapphire Rapids), data center GPUs, and Habana Gaudi 2 deep learning accelerators.

Intel Foundry Services

During the annual Hot Chips conference in August this year, Gelsinger regarded Intel’s foundry as the future of chipmaking. He further underlined this point last week, highlighting the combined traditional wafer manufacturing, packaging, software, and chiplet ecosystem as the new hardware workflow.

Gelsinger initiated the investment of $20 billion to expand the business’s Intel Foundry Services. It currently operates 15 manufacturing fabs with ongoing constructions in Ohio, Arizona, and Germany.

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What’s Next?

“Continue to use technology for the force of good, to serve technologists in the frontlines, and to use technology to solve today’s biggest problems,” Gelsinger urged the crowd of developers, business leaders, technologists, and students present in the venue and online. Indeed, the core purpose of tech developments should remain rooted in the service of solutions for the greater good.

With this year’s promising developments and a clear-cut CPU roadmap through 2024, Intel’s future rollouts are worth the anticipation. Check out Intel’s latest developments and keep an eye out for the next advancements that could define the future forever.

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