9 Effective Ways to do Link Building for SEO


April 26, 2023

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9 Link Building Tips from the Pros: How to Get More Traffic and Rankings

Backlinks help tell search engines and users that what’s on your website is credible and relevant. Link building is the process of getting links from other websites to your own. When done properly, link building can help you improve your search ranking, website traffic, and domain authority in your niche. 

In this article, we will help you learn the basics of link building to boost your online success. 

9 Effective Ways to Do Link Building 

High-Quality Content 

High-quality and engaging content is key to ranking well on search engines. They affect how you attract links back to your website which establishes its credibility. To do this, take note of these items: 

  • Start by knowing your audience 
  • Writing pieces to reach them using keywords  
  • Use different formats based on segmented customer profiles 
  • Provide valuable information  
  • Ensure that contents are easy to read 
  • Include a clear call to action so your audience knows what to do next 

Boosts your website's authority and trustworthiness by creating high-quality content that engages your audience. 

Guest Blogging  

If you’re looking to expand your reach and domain authority, guest blogging is a powerful strategy to do. It helps increase your online presence and reach new audiences, while also connecting with other authority sites. Here's how to do it: 

  • Research websites in your niche that accept guest posts 
  • Craft a personalised pitch that shows you understand their audience 
  • Follow their guidelines and deliver high-quality content 
  • Promote your post on your own channels 
  • Build relationships with website owners for future opportunities. 

Successful guest bloggers like Neil Patel, Brian Dean, and Ann Handley are a few of the many authors you can get inspiration from. 

Broken Link Building  

Another way to improve your website's SEO and increase traffic is broken link building! This strategy involves finding broken links on other websites. Once you find them, offer your own content as a replacement. Here are some tips to get started:  

  • Scan websites in your niche using tools like Ahrefs or Screaming Frog  
  • Create or update quality content that matches or exceeds the original  
  • Politely reach out to webmasters with your offer.  

Broken links on authority sites are great opportunities to grow your reach. You just need to create and pitch the right content pieces that work for their audience.  

Directory Submissions  

Link Building: Directory Submissions

Directory submissions can improve your website's visibility and ranking on search engines. It helps in building backlinks, exposing your website to potential customers, and enhancing your online reputation. But of course, you need to find relevant directories to submit your website to, right? If you’re asking how, of course, we got you covered. Here are things on our list when searching for the right directories:  

  • Use keywords related to your niche or industry and find relevant directories 
  • Check the quality and popularity of the directories  
  • Choose specific directories and follow the submission guidelines 

Vodien’s Business Directory submits your website to local and global directories for a competitive advantage.  

Social Media  

Social media is an excellent tool for link building. An effective social media strategy can increase your website's authority, traffic and ranking on search engines. But how do you use it effectively? Here are some tips: 

  • Create and share high-quality, relevant, and engaging content. 
  • Optimise your content for social media platforms. 
  • Connect with influencers and authority figures in your industry. 
  • Participate in relevant online communities and discussions. 
  • Monitor and measure your social media performance and link building results. 

Successful examples of link building through social media include Buffer's viral infographic, and HubSpot's #MakeLoveNotSpam campaign. Boost your link building efforts and grow your online presence through social media! 

Influencer Outreach  

Connecting with influencers in your industry helps increase brand awareness, generate traffic, and boost conversions. But, of course, you need some tips in finding the successful influencer outreach: 

  • Identify the right influencers for your goals and audience. 
  • Research the influencers and their content to personalise your message. 
  • Reach out via email or social media with a polite and genuine message. 
  • Follow up regularly with useful information, feedback, or compliments. 
  • Collaborate on mutually beneficial projects. 

A successful influencer example is HubSpot’s collaboration with Neil Patel for a free SEO course. Therefore, building relationships with influencers in your industry is a great way to build links. 


Link building: Infographics

Infographics are effective in visually presenting complex information to engage your audience. But you need to ensure that your infographic stands out to attract links from other websites. Here’s how: 

  • Choose a topic that aligns with your goals and interests your audience  
  • Use reliable data and a simple layout to highlight the key takeaways  
  • Be sure to match the colors, fonts, and imagery to your brand's identity and message  
  • Optimise your infographic for SEO and include a call-to-action and source list 
  • Promote your infographic by publishing it on your website and social media 

Infographics are a powerful way to boost your online visibility and traffic. Start creating engaging infographics that stands out and generate quality links by noting down our tips. 

Testimonials and Reviews  

Testimonials and reviews are great to improve your website's reputation and search engine rankings – especially for other authority websites. Simply follow these tips to get started:  

  • Find relevant and authoritative websites. 
  • Reach out and offer a testimonial or review. 
  • Provide a relevant link to your website. 
  • Write a specific and honest testimonial or review. 
  • Follow up and share on social media. 

Neil Patel's testimonial for Crazy Egg and HubSpot's customer stories page are great examples of this. Testimonials and reviews don’t only boost your online reputation and traffic, they also help build your credibility! So, offer your honest testimonials and reviews now! 

Internal Linking  

Your website's user experience helps your SEO. So, try internal linking! By linking pages within your site, your visitors find what they're looking for, boost engagement, and increase conversions. On top of that, it can improve your site structure and link authority, too. To do it right, of course, we have tips for you below:  

  • Use descriptive anchor text 
  • Link to relevant and high-value pages  
  • Link naturally within your content 

Improve Website Credibility through Link Building 

Link building is a factor that affects your website's ranking and visibility. It helps establish trust and authority with your audience and search engines. Remember the nine ways to build links in this article and propel your online success to greater heights. 

But remember that it is a long-term process that requires patience and consistency. If you see yourself as incapable of doing what’s required, you can get a professional who helps your link building strategy for a wider reach! 

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