Tips for Your International Women's Day 2021 Campaign
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March 4, 2021

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5 Helpful Tips for Your Women’s Day 2021 Campaign

Happy International Women's Day!

Last year’s #EachforEqual theme highlighted issues surrounding gender equality to call out the never-ending partiality against women.

This March 8, let’s celebrate International Women’s Day with #ChooseToChallenge. It aims to applaud every women’s achievement, defy bias, and promote a more inclusive society.

What does this mean for your business? With Women’s Day recognised all over the world, it’s the best time for brands to be relevant and connect with a wider audience.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to attract new customers and build customer loyalty through meaningful and effective campaigns. Learn helpful tips here. 

IWD Marketing Tips that Help Drive Customer Engagement

1. Be relatable with an IWD-themed website

Celebrate with an IWD-themed website_Update your homepage design to fit the occasion. You can simply add a banner wishing everyone a “Happy International Women’s Day”. This will make you relatable, driving customer response and improving brand visibility.

You can also use it to direct your audience to a landing page dedicated to the event  if there’s anyIf you do this, make sure to create a compelling CTA button.

Also, when running a campaign on your website, you should prepare for traffic spikes. Get reliable hosting that gives you unlimited bandwidth and strong security.


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2. Highlight remarkable women in your organisation

Recognise the girl power behind your business’s success.

Launch a campaign that puts the notable women in your organisation in the spotlight. Narrate their winning stories and achievements through a video campaign, a carousel post on Instagram, or a blog.

This puts a human face on your brand. Your audience will perceive you as more than a business, but a company of inspiring individuals working together to provide excellent services.

3. Leverage on IWD2021 #ChoosetoChallenge campaign

Leverage on IWD2021 #ChooseToChallenge themeHere’s another way to humanise your brand and build familiarity with your customers.

Go beyond the intent of staying current with your marketing game. Make your promotional activities contribute to the movement positively.

Get the whole team involvewith this year’s IWD campaign. Encourage everyone to take a photo doing the #ChoosetoChallenge pose by raising one hand. You can then share this activity on your social media channels, encouraging your audience to join.

This is how the industry’s most prominent brands are doing it. For example, Ked’s2019 IWD campaign was aimed to rattle feminine expectations. It is aimed to encourage the audience to redefine what a “lady” should be.

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4. Take part in local causes

Strengthen your local presence by establishing partnerships around your area. Meet with local groups or sponsor an IWD event. Discuss what plans you can execute to honour the occasion and that will allow you to promote on various platforms as well.

This is a brilliant way to help local audiences get acquainted with your brand. Aside from brand awareness, your involvement can help develop community trust in your business.

5. Offer special deals

Offer special dealsSpecial seasons call for special deals.

You can reward your customers with vouchers, giveaways, and discounts and apply this to the items in your ladies’ section. You can also offer gift ideas like special bundles, free gift packaging, etc.

They’re are a great way to generate first-time buyers and repeat customers. Which would mean freeing up more space in your storage and increasing your sales.

If you’re in the service industry, you can host giveaways or hand out gift certificates to your clients.

Engage with a purpose

While you leverage special celebrations like IWD in scaling your business, make sure to create campaigns that reflect the season’s cause. This makes your brand relatable and will help improve your branding.

Refer to the ideas above to come up with purposeful marketing action plans for your International Women’s Day campaign.

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