6 Essential Benefits of Microsoft 365
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September 15, 2021

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6 Ways Microsoft 365 Helps Businesses

In today’s rapidly evolving business, it’s too easy to get sidetracked and fall behind the competition. Decreased productivity among teams in an organisation is among the factors contributing to this.

Study shows that 46% of people find it incredibly challenging to work in a team due to varying working styles. With the necessity of working from home, 82% of remote employee managers’ top concerns include loss of focus and reduced productivity.

There’s an apparent need for a platform like Microsoft 365 to provide solutions, especially for remote working setups in these trying times.

Microsoft 365 is an integrated Microsoft solution. This offers organisations a multitude of applications, tools, and features specifically designed to enhance work performance, cross-functional collaboration, and communication.

Read on to explore more on Microsoft 365’s benefits and how it helps businesses keep their pace amidst the fast-changing business scene.

6 Key Benefits of Microsoft Office 365

Seamless team collaboration

Seamless team collaboration

One of Office 365’s most admired strengths is the ease of collaborations that comes with it. The platform offers a range of powerful features that support teams to work together efficiently on the same tasks, regardless of their location. Some of these features include:

  • Microsoft Teams is an application that simplifies business communication excellently. It has a file storage system, instant messaging, a team calendar, and so much more. It also allows virtual meetings and permits you to share files anytime and anywhere.
  • SharePoint is another application that mainly stores all file types. This can include meeting notes, templates, company guidelines, and other projects. These files are easily accessible by any team member from any device.

Easy scalability

Easy scalability

Microsoft 365 grows with your business. You can conveniently mix and match apps and customise solutions to accommodate your business’ growing needs. This is why the platform caters to both small businesses and large multinational corporations efficiently.

Whether your enterprise needs a simple document manager or you’re heavily reliant on computers, there’s a plan available for you. As your organisation grows in size and your technological demands increase, you can upgrade to a higher plan at still a cost-effective rate.

Remote work support

Remote work support

The global pandemic made remote work a necessary setup for the majority of industries. This highlighted the importance of working tools that will help roles to stay productive and accomplish their tasks on time away from the office.

Microsoft 365 is an excellent solution for storing files in the cloud. This allows for convenient file access whenever and wherever. It’s designed to work on various devices, including Windows-based computers, Macs, Android tablets and phones, etc. It also gives you an option to use the applications via browser, so you don’t have to install the tools when working away from personal devices.

It’s also a crucial must-have for field workers who are constantly on the move. They can still work on their documents without an internet connection, provided they sync the files later once the connection has been re-established.

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Easy device deployment and user setup

Easy device deployment and user setup

Microsoft 365 comes with a single admin that lets you set up and manage multiple users and devices easily.

It supports auto-installation on Windows 10 PCs to keep your Office apps up to date. The platform gives you access to the latest version of Office Apps and is made available to your devices as it happens. It also offers streamlined deployment of computers, laptops, and mobile devices with Windows Autopilot.

Robust and reliable security

Robust and reliable security

It’s a common misconception that the cloud is unsafe. Not for Microsoft 365. It assures airtight security to keep all your data safe and secure. In case of data loss or corruption, it includes reliable backup systems that allow easy disaster recovery. This eliminates the hefty costs of hardware for your server rooms.

Aside from those, Microsoft 365 has a wide range of built-in security features, including email encryptions, advanced threat analytics, and mobile device management.

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Reduced capital spend

Reduced capital spend

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription-based service. This means that you have to pay a monthly or annual fee per user. This is quite different from earlier Office products where you need to repurchase and reinstall every time a newer version comes out.

With the current Microsoft 365, you’ll always be operating with the latest version. This expels the need for large upfront costs for new software, thus transferring your IT costs from capital to operating expenses.

You can also choose from other varieties of Microsoft Office 365 plans & licenses. This way, you can optimise the cost according to your business's specific requirements and scale the price with your user base.

Equip your team better

Manage your business like a well-oiled machine, no matter the circumstance. More than working with the right team, it’s essential to employ the right tools for enhanced productivity.

From greater flexibility and better collaboration to reduced costs, Microsoft 365 offers a range of benefits to organizations. It provides support and the best solution your team needs to drive your business forward.

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