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November 9, 2016

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Office 365: An All-in-One Productivity Tool with Your Own Hosted Email

Office 365, an all-inclusive productivity solution from Microsoft is now available here at Vodien. If you’ve been an avid Microsoft Office user for years, then you’ll surely love Office 365 - with its newly enhanced Office 2016 desktop apps and premium email hosting plan for business. Check out the rest of this article for amazing deals exclusively for Vodien customers.

Just when you thought that your MS Office couldn’t make your task any simpler, Microsoft offers Office 365, loaded with the latest Office 2016 desktop apps.  It has all the familiar features that you need in one office suite, BUT, what’s even better is that now you can use them anytime, on any device. You can even collaborate with multiple users, making it the most efficient collaboration tool for your team.  


Microsoft Word

Create professional text documents that gets your bosses and colleagues nodding with approval. With Microsoft Word, you can write with ease using its distraction-free screen. Instantly share your work to others from any device.



Always a reliable tool to visualize and examine detailed information, Excel has it all and more. Edit and save your report from multiple devices and collaborate with multiple users in real-time.



Need a visually-appealing aid for your next presentation? Get creative with pre-made PowerPoint design templates or do it from scratch if that’s your thing.



With Outlook, managing emails, plotting schedules, viewing contacts, and adding your to-do lists is quick and painless. Synchronize it on multiple device so you can access your emails on the go.



For business emails, Office 365 is equipped with premium hosted Exchange - a comprehensive email server that includes 50GB inbox storage, contact and calendar features. It’s definitely a practical solution for SMEs and large companies who need a comprehensive email service for their business.



It’s like having a digital notebook (or journal) that can store all notes and keeps track of pending projects or to-do tasks. Save your notes from your desktop and access them from your tablet. It really doesn’t matter since everything is accessible from the OneNote app.


Why Should You Consider Office 365?

Need a more efficient way to collaborate with your team from home or office? It’s never been easier when you’re on Office 365. Here are reasons why it can significantly bring your productivity a notch higher, giving you more time for what really matters.


Access files from your pocket

It gives you the ability to save and synchronize documents on any device - on desktop, tablet or smartphone. With OneDrive, you can save and backup files from any device so you can access them virtually on the go.


Install it on 5 PCs or Macs, tablets and smartphones

Switch from Windows to Mac platform without any problem. Each user has access to Office 365 applications on up to 5 PCs or Macs when you sign up for the Business Premium plan. It’s also compatible with iPads and Windows smartphones and tablets, too.


A whooping 1 terabyte of online storage

If that’s not generous enough, I don’t know what is. Your OneDrive account gives you 1 terabyte of space, enough to store your precious photos, videos, and documents to last you a lifetime.


Update to the Latest Version Effortlessly

Since Office 365 uses the latest cloud technology, you can be assured that you get the latest software version, security and feature updates automatically at no extra cost. This leaves you more time to focus on doing real work and less on the technical stuff.


Keeping your Business Beyond the Desktop

Access an online version of Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint and other Office apps from a web browser. Since files are stored from a cloud storage, you can create, edit and share them simultaneously with your team or clients.


Reliable and Secure

Keep your files safe from unauthorized hands with Office 365’s advanced privacy and security controls. Exchange has built-in anti-spam and anti-malware capabilities that filters your inbox even while you sleep. Microsoft uses globally redundant servers and disaster recovery feature to ensure that you have uninterrupted access to your emails round-the-clock.


No Training Required

No technical background in installing anything from Microsoft? No problem. You can get started in minutes! Our SuperSupport specialists will handle the setup for you so you can focus on what truly matters--your customers.  


Get a Professional Email Address for your Company

Want a professional email address per user and group with your business name as the domain?  With Microsoft Outlook, quickly send and receive emails, share contacts and calendar appointments within the team on any device. It has a built-in antivirus and spam controls to filter out junk emails, malwares and viruses before it reaches your inbox.


Pay as you go, it’s that simple

Instead of paying for bulk subscriptions that your business might not use,  here you only pay for the amount per user. Purchase additional slots when needed. Scale your subscriptions  depending on what your business requires.  

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