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September 7, 2022

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Top 5 Strategies to Make Your Mid-Autumn Festival Campaign Stand Out

The Mid-Autumn Festival, which is usually synonymous with mooncakes, is an Asian lunar festival known for celebrating the autumn harvest. It’s one of the biggest holidays for the Chinese, which falls on the 10th of September this year. 

Symbolising the Chinese celebration of reunion and harvest, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a time to celebrate with friends and family. A large population of Chinese people celebrates this festival, also known as the Moon Festival due to the new moon observation on the day. 

This article aims to help marketers make the most of the Mid-Autumn Festival this year. We'll share some of the top tips you can use to ensure your festival campaign stands out and helps you reach your audience.

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Marketing Campaign Stand Out This Mid-Autumn Festival

Make Use of a Unique Mid-Autumn Aesthetic for Your Brand

Using the overall Mid-Autumn Festival theme to create an enticing and eye-catching aesthetic is one of the best ways to make your brand stand out during this festive season. 

It’s the perfect time for brands to infuse Chinese lunar images in their theme, logo, colour palette, and other brand elements. 

You can also work around your themes and logos to match the unique mid-autumn feel, such as by changing colours or using moon stickers. 

Apart from this, think of introducing fun articles, souvenirs, and food blogs wherever you can. For instance, the mooncake craze in this particular season is huge. So, you can leverage the same in various mooncake designs, fruit baskets, seasonal teas, or wines with smart packaging. 

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Integrate Chinese Consumers’ Values Into Your Brand

The Mid-Autumn Festival makes the perfect time for you to integrate Chinese consumer values within your marketing campaign.  

For instance, Hey Tea released a special tea-based drink and limited-edition products to mark the occasion. They also created a creamy, yellow bubble tea with a Jade Rabbit (that lives on the moon). 

Likewise, Fendi — a popular make-up brand — came up with a quick 15-second animation that shows various Chinese elements, such as the panda (China’s national treasure) and a full moon, which stands for unity and family. 

This not only reflects the efforts your brand is ready to take but also appeals to Chinese people’s sentiments about family and tradition through various cultural references, such as a full moon.

Use Various Digital Channels to Market Your Brand

One of the best ways to connect with your target audience during the Mid-Autumn Festival is digital advertising.  

Businesses in China and other Asian countries often use various social media platforms (e.g., WeChat and Weibo) to market their products. Some ways you can use these platforms include: 

  • Creating engaging video ads highlighting the unique selling proposition (USP) of your product or services, along with their uses/benefits for end users 
  • Building communication directly with customers through live video streams on popular Chinese live streaming platforms 
  • Using pictures and graphics to better engage with customers on various social media platforms 

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Launch a First-Come, First-Served Discount Offer 

Since the Mid-Autumn Festival is incomplete without mooncakes, offering early bird or first-come, first-served discount offers and other similar promos will attract your audience to your brand. 

Run a limited-time offer promotion to give it more urgency and entice your customers even more. This is also a valuable opportunity to gather high-quality leads by collecting your customers’ information. 

Information such as user age, gender, preference, etc., helps you analyse and target your niche audience more accurately, allowing you to develop a comprehensive marketing/advertising strategy.  

Celebrate with Giveaways 

Holidays are an excellent opportunity to connect with your audience. One effective way to do it is by offering a special promotion or giveaway.  

Entice your target audience this Mid-Autumn Festival by offering prizes such as: 

  • Fruit baskets. Some of the most popular fruits for the Mid-Autumn Festival are grapes, grapefruits, pears, and pomegranates. Since they are all ripe in autumn and have meaningful significance, Chinese people believe they are healthier. 
  • Mooncake. Since mooncake is a must-have treat during the Mid-Autumn Festival, people often give them as gifts. Some classic mooncake flavours include lotus seed paste, five kernels, roast pork, and red bean paste. 
  • Tea. Regarded as a healthy drink in Chinese culture, tea makes a great promotional gift during the Mid-Autumn Festival or other similar festivals. 

Apart from these, you can also come up with creative calls-to-action (CTA) and announce attractive giveaways to increase your online following. 

The only thing you need to remember is that since this is a very popular and joyful holiday, the messaging should be in line — engaging, fun, and cheerful.

Leverage the Holiday Season to Market Your Brand 

With the Mid-Autumn Festival fast approaching, marketers enjoy the perfect opportunity to capitalise on this popular holiday season.  

No matter your niche or industry, all it takes is some creativity to make your brand stand out to your target audience during the upcoming festival.  

Using the above-mentioned seasonal marketing ideas, leverage consumer behaviour during this period and drive more website traffic to your brand.

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