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June 5, 2015

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10 Mobile Apps to Improve your Productivity at Work

In this highly connected generation we're living in, there's bound to be an app for just about everything. From photo editing tools to fitness trackers, there are thousands of mobile apps available for download to make your life easier.

If you're one of those people who struggle at staying productive with their tasks, you're not alone. Many people find it hard to focus with their tasks because there are so many things that distract their attention--chat message from a friend, notifications from social media profiles, email from your favorite brands, and many others.

Today, we've round up 10 of the best mobile apps we recommend to help you improve your overall productivity.  So let's get started.


1. Mailbox

Mailbox for Emails

Mailbox is an email client mobile app with a mission to help you achieve "Inbox Zero" everyday. This app enforces a streamlined process by scheduling each email on when you want to deal with them. Its main swipe features help you segregate emails in a to-do list format where you can list, delete, archive, or postpone emails at a later time. This Dropbox-acquired app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac OSX and can be synchronized with major email clients like Gmail, Yahoomail, me.com and mac.com


2. Evernote


More than just a note-taking app, Evernote is practically an indispensable productivity tool. Use it to save videos or audio clips of meetings, use notes as presentations, annotate PDFs and images, scan and digitize business cards, schedule a to-do list and exchange notes and feedback with your team through work chat. It also comes with a Chrome extension that lets you clip articles as bookmarks or screenshots.


3. Sunrise

Sunrise Mobile App

Want to synchronize events from across different platforms under one app? With Sunrise, you can easily hook all major calendar services seamlessly to give your productivity a powerful boost.  Whenever you RSVP an event, it will be marked on top of the interface, so no events will ever go unnoticed. If you're meeting someone for an appointment, you can drill down and get their LinkedIn profile to know more about them. For those who want integrate Facebook events and manage deadlines in Trello, Sunrise will put them on top of the inbox.


4. Asana


If you're looking for a flexible tool to efficiently manage personal tasks or collaborate projects within your team, Asana should be on your list. With Asana, team members don't have to go through lengthy email exchange threads because communication can be done from within. It allows you to assign tasks to members, discuss feedback on a particular task, create subtasks to expand more details when needed, and get an overview which deadlines are met or not.


5. LastPass


Do you always forget your password whenever you try to login? It's about time you should get yourself a password manager like LastPass. Once installed, remembering about your passwords will be the least of your worries. How does it work? First, download and create an account in your browser by adding your email address and a strong master password--the only password you need to remember. LastPass will be an addon to your browser where you click to get started. Whenever you browse sites, it will prompt you to bookmark the logins and generate random passwords for you. Simple, isn't it?


6. Pocket


If you want to read articles or watch videos at a later time when you're not too busy, you can save them for later with Pocket. This handy app allows web and mobile users to save whatever pages they find interesting and return to it later, especially after working on important tasks. Pocket is free and can be viewed anytime, anywhere--whether on desktop, mobile phones and tablets, with or without an internet connection.


7. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is that one great productivity tool you shouldn't go without. It lets you create and store all your files, photos, videos and others through a secure cloud storage and easily share them with others. Since it's available on the cloud, you can access files from a desktop, smartphone or tablet in real time even if you don't have an Internet connection. Every account starts with a free 15GB storage and once it's used up, you have the option to upgrade and buy more storage.


8. FocusWriter

Focus Writer

Want to focus on writing without any distractions? FocusWriter provides you with a simple word processing environment that blocks out everything on the screen except for the words and the background you'll be typing on. All other programs and menus are tucked away until you move the mouse to the edge of the screen, allowing you to concentrate on your tasks. Even with its bare appearance, it comes with powerful features like rich text editor, word count, spellcheck, timer and alarms, writing goals, and 20 language translation.


9. StayFocusd


The reason why some people don't get things done is because they waste too much time on sites like Facebook. To keep this unproductive habit to a minimum, we recommend you add StayFocusd as part of your Chrome extensions. It helps you to focus on work by setting a limit on the time spent on your favorite sites and once the time allotted is up, it blocks them for a specific number of hours or for an entire day.


10. Dejal TimeOut

TimeOut App

Health experts is encouraging people to take breaks in between work, to help rebuild energy and prevent cardiovascular diseases caused by sitting all day.  Dejal TimeOut is an Mac application that reminds users to have regular breaks. You can set it at "Normal" which is usually 5-10 minute break scheduled every 50 minutes of work to give you some time to relax and stretch a bit, and "Micro" breaks, to remind to pause for few seconds so you won't strain your eyes from staring at the computer.


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