Make Your Mobile SEO a Success this 2021
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March 24, 2021

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How to Make Your Mobile SEO a Success in 2021

Your customers and competitors alike are now embracing digitalisation to its fullest. There’s no better time to amp up your online strategies than now. And with half of the global traffic comes from mobile, you should be prioritising your mobile SEO.

What is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO, at its core, is designing your website for mobile use. It’s optimising your page’s layout, structure, and speed for efficient mobile browsing.

It correlates with user experience, which concerns Google a lot. With more and more people conducting searches on their mobile device, Google now favours mobile-optimised websites on indexing and ranking.

Ensure digital success this 2021. Streamline your Mobile SEO strategy with these surefire tips.

5 Tips to Build an Effective Mobile SEO Strategy

Ensure responsive web design

A responsive web design allows you to adapt your site across screen sizes, including mobile devices and tablets. Which then creates a great customer experience, creating a positive impression about your brand.

A responsive web design promises minimal scrolling, panning, zooming, and — most importantly —confusion.

The more convenient and satisfactory a customer’s experience with a website, the likelier they are to stay, browse, make a purchase, and even return later for another transaction.

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Think of great user experience

Creating a mobile-optimised website is not enough. You need to keep your users’ online preferences in mind as well to ensure optimal experience. They may have a great interaction with you on desktop, but make sure you provide the same on your website’s mobile version.

Here are tips to create a great user experience on your mobile website:

  • Keep CTA buttons visible: First things first, CTAs are crucial to improve your conversion. Make sure they’re powerful, simple, and easy to tap on.
  • Keep your content mobile-friendly. Make it easy to scroll, read, and not overwhelming for smaller screens.
  • Make your pages easy to navigate. Make your navigation menu simple and intuitive and consider multiple screen mobile browsing.
  • Beware of image sizes. Images shouldn’t be too small nor should they take up an entire screen.

Speed up your mobile website

The impact of your mobile website’s load time will surprise you. Just a second of delay means losing 7% conversions, 16% customer satisfaction, and 11% site views.

A sluggish website renders any lead generation effort useless. Improving your load time hooks your visitors and increases your chances of converting them into leads.

Here are quick tips to improve your mobile website’s speed:

  • Compress your website images, videos, and files
  • Enable browser caching
  • Discard unused plugins
  • Lessen HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files
  • Upgrade your web hosting plan

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Get found by voice searches

One survey found that 27% of the digital population worldwide is using voice searches and most of them are done on mobile. With the rising popularity of voice search, make sure you keep up with this consumer trend.

It’s time to optimise your site for voice search. Here are different ways to get started:

  • Include long-tail phrase keywords
  • Apply conversational language to your content
  • Provide concise and specific questions and answers within your content
  • Dedicate an FAQ section on your product pages
  • Appear on “near me” voice searches with a Google My Business listing

Optimise for local search

People often search for businesses near them online and most of them are done through mobile. If you aim to target an area or a specific location, optimise your site for local SEO.

Start by setting up a Google My Business listing complete with your business name, exact address, and contact information. This will tell search engines like Google that you’re targeting a specific geographic and recommend you to nearby users.

Don’t forget to optimise local keywords as well, such as noodle restaurant in Singapore to boost your visibility in local searches.

Capture more traffic and conversions

With almost everyone now using their mobile phones to search for information or make a purchase, imagine the vast number of traffic and conversion opportunities you’re losing.

It’s not too late to leverage this growing consumer trend. Maximise your online presence by optimising your website for mobile with these smart tips.

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