Pros and Cons of Changing Domains
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April 22, 2021

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5 Ways to Protect Your Brand With Multiple Domains

Most domain owners think that registering one domain name is enough and that getting more would only cost their business. 

Well, it’s the other way around. If you're aiming to scale and protect your brand onlinegetting multiple domain names is one of the best investments   

Learn different ways how you can safeguard your brand with multiple domains and its advantages to your business 

Critical Reasons You Should Register Multiple Domains 

Avoid trademark infringement 

Describes what cybersquatters do if you failed to secure multiple domain names.

Cybersquatting is a common problem for brands. It’s the unauthorized buying and selling of domain names with the purpose to gain profit from an existing trademark. 

Cybersquatters can be notoriously cunning and attempt to sell the domain name to the original trademark owners at inflated prices. That's why it's essential to partner with a company that offer reliable domain registration services. 

Protect your trademark by registering identical domain names from your domain before anyone else does. 

Secure your traffic  

Discusses the consequence if you do not secure misspelled versions of your domain name.

Sometimes people misspell domain names when searching online. Think of how costly it can be when you’re losing visitors because they were directed to the wrongly spelt domain name and not yours. 

With this, it’s best to register domain names spelled closely to yours or your company’s name.   

Let's say is your primary domain name. You can secure a secondary domain name with or When you purchase domain names that misspell your business name, users who type them are sent straight to your correct domain. 


Highlight your brand’s other areas of strengths 

It could be challenging to upsell different areas of your product/service when running a large enterprise. By registering multiple domains, you can feature and upsell those areas of your brand and market to various audiences.

You may run a tech company, www., that offers wide-ranging products and services, such as software development, web design, and consultancy servicesYou can highlight your other services by securing each with a niche-specific TLD such as .design, .consultancy, .agency, and .games. 

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Widen your reach  

Explains how securing multiple domains widens a brand's online reach.

Planning to expand globallySecuring multiple domain names is also a smart move if you have global offices and targeting local markets. You can purchase the equivalent geographic extensions of your domain such as .ph, .uk, .au, and more.  

Doing this will ensure that traffic will point to your website and not to a local company with the same name as yours.   

Promote your brand in specific industries  

Aside from country-specific domains, there are also industry-specific domain extensions 

Even if you already own a domain, you increase your brand’s visibility through these industry-specific domains. In result, you drive more potential customers and partners to your website.

If you own an automobile business, you're more likely to easily reach car enthusiasts and buyers by registering a .auto domain.  

Secure your branding online  

Your domain is a crucial asset to grow your business online effectively. Maximise its potential by securing multiple domains.  It’s a cost-effective solution to amplify and protect your brand – and your business at large. 


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