August 1, 2018

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NDP 2018’s Website Hosted by Vodien, Trusted by the Nation

Singapore’s National Day Parade (NDP) is a celebration of our nation's triumph against all odds since our independence on 9 August 1965. Every year, we celebrate Singapore's cultural diversity and our vision to create a better tomorrow -- all in one spectacular parade.

Vodien is hosting NDP 2018’s website

As Singapore’s largest web host (see stats), Vodien is back as a principal sponsor for the second year in a row. We are officially...

  • Hosting the NDP 2018 website
  • Running the parade's online ticket balloting service

Not only does Vodien have to ensure the website loads swiftly for millions of people, but we also have to secure it against cyber threats. Still, devoting our secure hosting infrastructure to the national parade is a privilege.

After all, we at Vodien strongly identify with the values that made Singapore what it is today.

To celebrate, we're offering up to 20% off on our web hosting plans, just from 6 to 9 August!

What’s special about NDP 2018?

What’s special about NDP 2018? - Vodien Web Hosting

This year’s theme, ‘We are Singapore’, empowers Singaporeans to shape a future without boundaries.

And, the parade follows the real-life stories of five people across the various Acts:

  • Show Act 1: Our People, Our Home
  • Show Act 2: Our Hopes, Our Aspirations
  • Show Act 3: Our Spirit, Our Strength

More than that, the stage setup smartly incorporates swivel panels that can be combined to form a wide screen, or split up into several smaller screens.

We are also looking forward to the largest combined Military Tattoo performance and the return of the Combined Schools Choir.

Find out more on the official NDP 2018 website, hosted on Vodien.

Final Thanks: Vodien’s NDP Sponsorship

Earning the trust of the nation has been a privilege for Vodien. We are thankful to host the websites of both NDP 2017 and 2018, while Singapore celebrates!

Make sure you stop by the official NDP 2018 website at to learn more about the parade lineup and more. Enjoy up to 20% off on Vodien's web hosting plans ( from 6 to 9 August).

Happy National Day to everyone!

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