October 11, 2022

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Top 4 Online Directories to Boost Your Business’s Visibility

With the tight competition online, it’s not enough to have a social presence or a website. The real question is: can your clients and customers find you online?

Remember when consumers browse through the yellow pages to look for a business? Now, people head to online directories to do that. Online directories are listings containing businesses and their information, such as their company name, website, address, operating hours, and so on.

If your business is not listed in these places, there’s a great chance your audience will turn to your competitors instead.

There are thousands of online directories out there, but these four platforms are some of the most popular ones you can get started with.

Step-by-Step Guide in Listing Your Business on These 4 Online Directories

Facebook Business

There are currently over 200 million businesses on Facebook. So, if your business isn’t here, you’re clearly missing out.

Facebook isn’t just a social media platform. It also acts as a search engine, where consumers can quickly search for a certain business and learn all about them on their Facebook business page.

The following steps will teach you how to list your business on the most popular social media platform.

1. Visit the Facebook Business page and click on Create a Page.

2. Choose a Page category. If you’re a business, click Business or Brand.

3. Fill out your business information, such as the Page name, Category, and Address. Don’t miss any field!

4. Customise your page. Add a profile picture, cover photo, and start creating your first post.


Foursquare is a widely used location data platform that allows users to learn about a business or establishment, read reviews, and leave a rating on it. You only need to type in a keyword or phrase in the search bar and the website will provide you with relevant information, such as the business name, location, menu, etc.

It is a great avenue for businesses to increase their visibility and traffic, both online and offline.

Once you’ve already signed up for a Foursquare account, follow these simple steps to list your business:

1. Visit Foursquare’s claim page.

2. Type in your business name. Click Create a listing if your business is not yet on the list.

3. Fill out your business information and hit Save.

If your business is already on Foursquare’s list, you may claim it right away. All you need to provide is your contact number and wait for the Foursquare team to contact you for verification.

Google Business Profile

Formerly known as Google My Business, Google Business Profile lists businesses on the search engine behemoth, which is a smart idea for brands looking to improve their online presence.

Simply put, listing your business on Google makes it easier for your clients and customers to find you online. Say a customer does a search for “burgers near me” on Google, your local business will have greater chances of appearing on the first page of their search results if you’ve claimed your business listing on Google.

To do that, follow this simple process:

1. Visit the Google Business Profile page and click Manage Now.

2. Type in your business name. If it is already on the list, claim it. If not, select Add your business to Google and input your business name.

3. Choose a business category. Adding subcategories will narrow down your niche.

4. Add your business location, if any.

5. Fill out your business contact info and website URL.

6. Click Finish to start managing your listing.


Waze is a well-known, trusted navigation app that provides real-time directions and traffic updates. This makes it an excellent platform to list your business as it drives foot traffic to your physical store.

List your business on Waze in five easy steps:

1. Download the Waze app on your iOS or Android device.

2. Head to the Reports menu and click on the orange Reports icon at the bottom left corner of the screen.

3. Select Place and take a photo of your store. Click the double arrow icon to proceed.

4. Add your business info, such as its name and address. Select a business category and click Done.

Get Found Fast Through Online Directories

Online directories do not only drive clicks and views to your business website or social media pages. They also guide your local audience to your physical store and attract more foot traffic. Don't miss out on the opportunity to list your business to where your customers are.

While the above platforms are some of the most popular directories online, being visible on these sites alone won’t cut it. Plus, listing your business on every single one can be taxing. Vodien Business Directory helps you list your business on up to 30 local and global online directories in just a few clicks.

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