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October 5, 2015

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Better Organise and Maintain your Website with cPanel

Here at Vodien, we aim to consistently provide outstanding web hosting service to all our clients. We want to ensure that they have the best tools to help them manage their web servers easily.

Web hosting control panels such as cPanel are one of the premium tools we provide along with our web hosting package designed for users and administrators to simplify the process of running and controlling a website. Let's take quick look at why we recommend or provide our clients with cPanel to maintain their websites.


So what is cPanel?

cPanel is the most commonly used control panel that that allows website owners to effortlessly manage their website databases, files, email accounts, FTP file transfers, SSL certifications and many more from a web browser. cPanel provides both beginners and advanced users with many useful features, allowing them to administer hundreds of websites simultaneously with zero to minimal experience required. Here are some of them:

Manage Domains

Website owners who run servers might want to add, park or redirect domains and sub-domains for their hosting account.


Cyber threats on websites is fairly common but with cPanel's security tools, it can help reduce the attacks while allowing the website owner to securely access their servers.

Manage Files

It can be overwhelming when managing multiple domains, subdomains, CMS platforms, email accounts and users that log-in via FTP, but with cPanel's File Management Tools, you can conveniently modify and backup files, monitor disk space usage and view who is accessing the server at any given time.

Manage Email Accounts

cPanel has all the tools to host your own email accounts. You can create, delete, forward emails through the email control panel. Additionally, you can also create Auto Responders, import email addresses and block spam mails.

SEO and Marketing Tools

Want to generate more traffic to your website? cPanel includes SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Marketing tools for you to get your web pages indexed and ranked higher in Google search engine pages.


Why cPanel is Recommended for Linux Servers

The cPanel graphical interface will help you to feel at ease while using complicated commands with the new generation of Linux servers. Putting the case in point, you can install a WordPress website with a single click or set up 301 or 302 redirects just by filling out the two fields, without requiring the knowledge of the right syntax or entire file location. You can view all your website stats--number of website visitors, their geographic location broken down by bandwidth used and the dates visited.


Other Control Panel Options

Aside from cPanel, here are the top 10 control panel alternatives:

  1. Plesk
  2. OpenPanel
  3. ZPanel
  4. ISPConfig
  5. AjentiV
  6. Kloxo-MR
  7. Virtualmin
  8. Webmin
  9. EHCP
  10. DirectAdmin


The cPanel World Tour Meetup

As part of their 2015 World Tour, the cPanel team managed a booth at WHD Asia in Singapore. cPanel CEO Nick Koston and Account Manager Brenda Gehringer met up with our VP, John Lee for an eventful feedback session. We would like to thank them for taking the time off their busy schedule to meet up with us.

It's a great honour to have this session with the cPanel team for the second year. We hope that we can continue this amazing partnership for the many years to come.


Additional Reading

If you'd like to read more about cPanel, you may want to read these informative guides from our Knowledge Base:

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