How to Prepare Reopening Your Business for the New Normal|Adjust your business processes|Create a flexible working environment||Continue to promote safety measures|Pay attention to your employees' mental health|Reach out for support|Business hosting
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May 22, 2020

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5 Tips to Pivot Your Business for the New Normal

In the business landscape, COVID-19 has forced startups and enterprises to temporarily close or bring operations at home. But soon, the government would end these restrictions. And things on how we do business won’t be the same. You may still need to maintain social distancing and limit the crowd in your office. Start adapting your workplace and processes for the new normal. Get started with these smart ways to reopen smoothly amid COVID-19:

5 Ways to Adapt Your Business for the New Normal

1. Adjust your business processes

Adjust your business processesTake time to assess the overall situation of your business right now. Then create a strategic plan to redefine your processes for the ongoing impact of the pandemic. This helps you decide how you can move forward.

Identify what changes or adjustments need to take place to not only ensure safety but also the efficiency with your workforce. Expect to make changes in your policies, work arrangements, and marketing and sales processes.

For example, most consumers would probably stick to ordering online even after the quarantine. Cater to this need by leveraging online platforms and tools for your marketing and sales.Also, put more planning into factors that contribute heavily to business continuity.

2. Create a flexible work environment

Create a flexible working environmentEven after the pandemic, it won't be fully safe to have person-to-person contact. Limit the crowd in your office to protect your business and employees. For instance, you can schedule half of your team to report to the office for this week. Then have the rest work at home. Then shift the schedule for next week. Also, constantly remind them to maintain social distancing. And set up workstations six feet apart. Doing these measures will put your employees at ease and can focus more on their work.

3. Continue to promote safety measures

Continue to promote safety measuresAs you continue to practice social distancing, do the same on maintaining hygienic measures in the office. Make sure existing posters and infographics about COVID-19 preventive measures around your office are still up. And that everyone is diligently practising them. Also, keep your employees informed with the latest COVID-19 news and safety measures.

4. Pay attention to your employees' mental health

Pay attention to your employees' mental healthAs much as this pandemic affects businesses, it also affects our mental health. In fact, experts are predicting a major rise in anxiety, depression, and stress post-COVID 19. Your employees are probably experiencing them too. With this, you should prepare in-office programs that promote their well-being. Encourage them to take part once they report to the office again. There are several programs you can implement to boost one's well-being at work. You can have monthly workshops or seminars that aim to reduce work-stress and anxiety. Also, consider hiring an in-house mental health counsellor. With effective mental health programs, you'll have more productive and happier employees.

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5. Reach out for support

Reach out for supportAs this crisis continues to affect how we do business, you should stay open for extra support. There are various government grants for businesses you can avail to aid your finances and transition for the new normal.

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You can also seek help from private entities, such as your business partners and industry organisations.

Position your business for the new normal

Time can only tell when this pandemic will be completely over. This uncertainty can bring stress, fear, and worry. But by learning to step back and assess what you have now, it can help you formulate a plan on how to move forward. Prepare your business for the new normal. Follow the smart coping tips in this article to resume operations smoothly.Business hosting

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