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October 12, 2023

Scaling Your Business 3 min read

5 Advantages of a Professional Email and Steps to Get One

For every dollar spent, a business gets an ROI of $36 on email marketing. It's safe to say that email is one marketing channel you shouldn't sleep on.  

So, if you’re still relying on a free email address for your business communications, you’re missing out on a lot.  

A professional business email is a quick and effective way to create a great first impression, particularly for small business owners. And getting a branded email address is quick and easy 

In this guide, learn the benefits of a professional email and how to register one for your small business. Ready to take your marketing to the next level with email?Let's dive in! 

5 Benefits of a Professional Email for Small-sized Businesses 

Benefit #1: Adds credibility to your business 

A professional email ID for your business positively impacts how others view it. Imagine you get emails from: 

Option A: [email protected] 

Option B: John@moverscompany.com 

Of the two options, which email are you likely to trust more? Our bet is on the latter. 

Needless to say, having a custom professional email address: 

  • Signals you have a dedicated and well-established online presence, allowing you to get more buy-in from potential customers 
  • Looks more professional and credible when compared to generic email services (think: Gmail or Yahoo) 
  • Reinforces the idea that you’re serious about your brand as you've taken the time and effort to set up a proper email infrastructure 

Benefit #2: Builds customer trust 

In today's virtual digital age, trust is a valuable currency. If your customers get an email from a professional business address, they’re more likely to trust the source (and the content) of the email.  

Plus, it reduces the chances of your emails being flagged as spam or phishing attempts, which is often the case with generic email addresses. 

Benefit #3: An opportunity for organic word-of-mouth publicity 

Since your professional ID represents your company and website, it can help customers repetitively associate your email with your business. It reinforces your brand identity every time you hit the send button. 

Benefit #4: Allows you to surpass spam filters 

Another advantage of using a professional email ID is that your email service provider will offer plans that safeguard your emails against pesky spam filters. Moreover, you won't have to worry about distracting advertisements on free email platforms. 

Benefit #5: Customisable to your brand 

Customization is the name of the game when it comes to sending ROI-driven emails. You can create a memorable email address your customers will remember and retain for years to come.  

That's not all. You can choose from a variety of plans and only pay for what you use. 

Pro tip: Free email services from Gmail, Yahoo, etc., may offer limited storage. And when you’ve got a growing business, settling with limited can be a major hindrance. 

How to Get a Professional Email Address 

With the right email hosting provider, registering an email address for your brand or business is easy. Simply follow these steps:  

Step 1: Choose a domain name. Serving as your website’s address, it will come after the “@” symbol on your email address. A branded domain name drives confidence towards your business, so choose wisely! 

If you already have an existing one, proceed to the next step.  

Step 2: Choose an email hosting provider. At Vodien, we help you set up and manage your professional email accounts.  

Step 3: Choose an email hosting package. Each plan offers different features and number of resources, so it’s best to determine your business’s needs first. If you work with a team, consider getting Microsoft 365 instead to get a mailbox and access to the Microsoft productivity suite.  

Step 4: Ensure your domain name is already connected to your email hosting. You may need to create an account to check your domain’s MX record. Follow this link on how to add or change your MX record.   

Step 5: Start creating your email accounts and adding mailboxes. Once your DNS settings are configured, you can create professional email accounts using your custom domain. 

Step 6: Set up email clients. To access your professional email, you can use email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or email apps on your mobile device. You'll need to configure these clients with the incoming and outgoing server settings provided by your email hosting provider. 

Step 7: Start using your professional email. Once everything is set up and verified, start using your professional email addresses for business communications, networking, and other purposes! 

Start Driving Sales to Your Inbox with Email Hosting 

Pitch to a potential investor, send a quote to a supplier, and start engaging with customers with a professional business email today. Having your own branded email reinforces your business as an established and reputable authority in your industry. 

If you don’t have a domain name yet, no worries! Vodien offers reliable domain and web hosting services, helping you get your website and email started! Visit our website now and get started with your online journey. 

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