January 13, 2010

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How To Promote Your Website And Get More Visitors?

Getting more visitors to your website is what everyone wants. However, generating traffic is not easy, considering that your competition is the billions of websites all over the world. The following are just some tips that you can follow to boost your website traffic, and increase the visitors that your website gets!

1. Add your website URL to your email signature

Also, if you have a featured product or service, mention that in your email signature too, but don't overdo it. Too much information in your email signature can do more harm than good.

2. Participate in forums

This is highly beneficial if you provide valuable answers, and are a strong presence in the community. Do this at forums where your potential clients look for solutions to their problems. Don't advertise your services, just post answers to their questions or problems. Include your website URL in your signature in the forum posting.

3. Buy ezine advertising

Find ezines that your potential clients subscribe to and purchase advertising. Create ads that talk about their problems and direct them to your website for answers.

4. Purchase banner ads

Yes, banner ads really do work. Many experts have been saying banner ads are dead but they've taken on a new life. You can purchase very affordable, highly targeted banner ads that are only displayed to your target market.

5. Write articles that talk about a problem your clients are facing

Show them how to solve the problem and direct them to your website for more information. Post the article on your website as well as submitting it to article directories on the Internet. Always include your bio and website URL at the end of the article with your copyrights. Encourage people to share and reproduce the articles with others as long as they don't change the content, and leave your bio and contact information intact.

6. Set up your own blog and update it regularly

You can even post your articles in your blog if you don't feel comfortable writing about yourself. Register your blog with blog directories on the Internet and always include your bio and website URL in each blog. Blogs are now getting picked up and reproduced like articles. The search engines love blogs with quality content.

7. Send press releases promoting your new product or service

You can send a press release easily at and it will read by thousands of press people within minutes. You can send the press release for free or pay a fee to reach even more news services.

These are just some traffic generation tips that may help you out, and garner you more visitors to your website. Another way is to have a higher search engine ranking, and we have Search Engine Optimisation services that can help you do just that. Drop us a call or email us, and we'll help you get started!

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