9 Reasons Your Business Website is Not Converting 
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September 22, 2021

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9 Reasons Your Business Website is Not Converting 

You’ve set up a business website only to discover that the sales are not meeting your expectations. Quite the horror story, isn’t it?    

A poor conversion rate affects your revenue and business growth prospects. If you wonder why your website isn't converting as well as you expect it to, read on to find out the nine most common reasons and how you can fix them.  

Why Is My Website Not Converting? 

New websites generally have lower conversion rates since climbing the Google search engine rankings takes time. You cannot do much to hasten the process except ensure an effective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy.    

But if your business website has been online for more than just a few months, here are nine possible reasons your website isn't converting as desired.  

Customers can’t find your website 

Your target audience hasn't found your site and learned what you could offer. Or, it may not have reached the people who will most likely be interested in your brand.  There are many websites and potential distractions online competing for your customers’ attention, so you need to be visible to your audience and stay top of mind. 

Most successful brands use marketing solutions to generate organic traffic, attract customers, and keep them coming back for more. Market your website using the proper tools to reach the right people.   

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Your website is not SEO friendly  

A SEO campaign is necessary to improve your website's reach and presence online. It involves keyword-targeted content creation and marketing to help your website achieve better search engine rankings.  

Having a winning SEO campaign allows more potential customers to discover your website and increase the chances of conversions.  

With Google's Core Web Vitals update, it becomes more and more essential for you to optimise your website for great user experience. Complying with Google's key metrics improves your SEO, putting you on top of search engine results and driving valuable traffic to your site.  

If you don't have time for SEO, consider asking SEO experts for help.  

5 Solutions to Look Out for in Vodien's Online Marketing Hub

Your site does not engage your audience  

Websites only have 7 seconds to make an excellent first impression. There is a lot of competition on the internet, so you have to hook your audience from the start. Your visitors won't interact further with your site if it does not engage them.  

Write relevant, attention-grabbing content for your website. Be creative while staying direct to the point. Create a stylish website layout that ensures seamless flow of information. Don't overwhelm your viewer with too much information; make it visually engaging and persuasive.   

There are no Calls to Action (CTAs) on your site 

To boost conversions on your website, provide visitors with a clear path toward the desired conversions. This include placing an appropriate number of CTAs, like a sign-up form, Buy Now, or Add to Cart button, on the most conspicuous areas of your website.     

Doing so helps you guide your visitors toward taking actions on your website, which eventually results in more conversions. But make it a point to avoid overwhelming your customers with too many CTAs.  

Your website is not optimised for conversions 

A website with too many CTAs can do more harm than good for businesses. An excess of CTAs almost always causes analysis paralysis, which overwhelms users into not making choices on your website.     

Instead, include targeted and precise calls to action that push and guide your visitors toward making the desired action, driving up conversions. In short, keep your website direct and avoid too many options.  

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You don’t have an intuitive shopping cart feature 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while setting up a business website is not making the purchasing process easy for your customers.    

The hallmark of a good shopping experience is the ease of adding a product to the cart and checking out, successfully converting a visitor.     

The more accessible and user-friendly the process, the more conversions you get.  

Your website is not mobile-friendly  

Over half of the world's internet traffic comes from mobile phones. This obviously implies that if your website is not mobile-friendly, you’re severely curtailing your website's reach and potential conversions. 

One of the first things you must do is ensure your website is easily accessible through mobile phones. This lets you make the most of your website traffic from various devices and ultimately boosts your conversions.  

You are not showcasing your product’s value  

To convince a site visitor to purchase a product, you need to entice them with its features and qualities. This communicates the value your product offers.    

For example, if you’re selling sweaters, make sure your product page provides details that makes them unique and comfortable, such as the quality and type of material used. A good product description ensures that visitors become your customers.  

Viewers don't feel your site is trustworthy or safe  

Users who visit your site won't interact as much if they don't think it's secure. Customers are concerned about their security when making online transactions, so you have to assure them of your credibility.  

Include organic reviews and testimonies promoting your products and services. You can also invest in SSL certificates to ensure all data transmitted between a web server and a browser remain private and fully encrypted. This protects businesses’ online transactions with their customers. 

The HTTPS:// or the green lock icon found in your website's URL on your customers’ browsers reassure them that your website will not expose their data to malicious third parties.  

9 Reasons Your Business Website is Not Converting 

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Keep Your Conversions Up!  

If you are frustrated with how low your website conversions are, don't fret. There are many ways you can do to boost your conversions and improve your reach. For each of the pointers given in this article, you can approach agencies and service providers to optimise your website with the help of SEO, content marketing, and so on.     

When you eliminate the factors that slow down your conversions, you can focus entirely on improving your website and the experience you offer your potential customers.  

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