September 30, 2021

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How to Get ROI Out of Your Ecommerce Website and IT Monitoring Service 

Ecommerce has become a way of life. Everyone we know, adults or teens, know that purchasing goods and services is just a click away. This makes your eCommerce website a powerhouse for business revenue.  

The question is: Are you maintaining it well and getting the maximum Return on Investment (ROI)? 

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to work from home and enforced lockdowns globally. All were affected by movement restrictions – leading to a rise in online buying and inevitably, a rise in eCommerce profit as well.  

Given this outcome, we saw businesses rush to set up and enhance their online and remote working capabilities.  

Take a look at these statistics:  

  • As per a Business Wire report, in 2020, businesses receiving online orders recorded 37.6% growth and will reach 44% by 2025. 
  • Euromonitor International reported that eCommerce sales in Asia pacific are to nearly double by 2025, reaching USD 2 Trillion.  

Based on this data, you’d see that the profit and productivity potential of eCommerce sites will only keep rising.  

However, eCommerce isn’t just about putting up a website and calling it a day. You’ll need to ensure that your applications are performing well to earn the trust of consumers and be a step above the competition. 

This article explores how you can maximize your eCommerce ROI profit by leveraging quality servers, fast and secure networks, and an overall robust IT infrastructure.  

Why give importance to quality IT infrastructure & monitoring?

Why give importance to quality IT infrastructure & monitoring

You know, your car runs smoothly because of the engine underneath and the wheels. Similarly, the quality of your eCommerce website depends on the infrastructure that supports the services.  

Unfortunately, you might notice many IT departments today spend more time responding to unexpected problems facing their websites rather than being proactive and preventing them. 

Monitoring the entire IT environment, including eCommerce websites and the infrastructure that supports it across an organization, is a business-critical task that ensures optimal performance and business continuity. 

Let us show you some ways in which you can maximize your ROI from your eCommerce website, its underlying infrastructure, and IT monitoring services.  

4 Ways You Can Make the Most ROI Out of Your Ecommerce Site 

Make sure your website performs at its best

Your website should load fast, enabling customers to see products across all categories and deliver a smooth buying experience.  

And most of us are familiar with the 3-second rule – customers won’t hesitate to leave a site that takes too long to load! 

It also makes sense to study user activity. Measuring how many send inquiries via forms vs chatbots, bounce rates, as well as the lead to customer conversion rates are just some of the data that can help you improve on-page conversions.  

Ensure your servers can handle high traffic

Your eCommerce website is as good as its infrastructure. Beware of eCommerce downtime and outages that damage your company's brand reputation and drives customers to the competition. 

You can choose eCommerce servers like Virtual Private Servers (VPS) that support huge web traffic and full-level access.  VPS has dedicated resources, but the server resources are shared among other users. In simple terms, if the server has 10 GB RAM, you may be allocated 1 GB RAM. 

Alternatively, you can select high-performance Dedicated Servers with maximum performance and scalability. With a Dedicated Server, you own the physical server and there is no sharing of any resources.  

Know when to scale up your website

Your website should be able to scale up to handle spikes in web traffic during busy shopping or festive seasons. Choose quality and reliable IT infrastructure for Hosting and Server Management that are responsive and able to scale up your infrastructure on demand without your eCommerce website undergoing an outage or downtimes. 

Use IT monitoring services

'Prevention is better than cure'- as you might have heard before. Why not follow the same with your IT assets? Ensure you invest in a reliable IT monitoring service for your eCommerce website.

Efficient monitoring services help you fix issues promptly and reduce the time to fix them.  

Monitoring technology goes a long way towards SLA guarantees and minimizes downtime of your websites and IT systems. 

Are you ready for ‘Digital Transformation?’ 

You might know that digital transformation empowers businesses to leverage new technologies to gain a competitive edge. Connected applications give you in-depth data-driven insights that drive competitive gains. Ensure you choose the best servers and web hosting services to drive your organizational success. 

You can maximize ROI from eCommerce websites by keeping up with the latest infrastructure to support critical business applications. Take a decisive step to leverage Vodien’s proactive IT monitoring services and comprehensive server management for your organization.  

About Vodien  

Vodien is Singapore's leading provider for Web hosting, Servers, and Web Security. Besides Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers that offer high performance and scalability, we offer colocation rack space to run servers in T1 secured environment. 

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