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October 19, 2023

Scaling Your Business 2 min read

Single Server Colocation: A Handy Guide

Already own a server but need a secure location to house it? This guide is for you. 

What Is Single Server Colocation? 

A single server colocation is basically like renting a parking space for your computer server in a specialised facility. Instead of keeping your server in your office, you place it in a secure data centre, which is run by a colocation provider. 

In other words, the physical server is kept in a data centre on a rack (this is generally locked). Your server will be hosted alongside other servers owned by different companies and entities, hence the term colocation.  

What Are the Benefits of Single Server Colocation for Small Businesses? 

Let's look at how single server colocation grows small business owners: 

Improved IT services at low cost

The biggest advantage of using a single server colocation is you can get excellent IT infrastructure for your server at low operational costs. 

Zero downtime

Data centres ensure that there's zero downtime for your online presence. 

These facilities provide:  

  • Consistent power backup, thanks to constant monitoring and management, so your server stays online even during outages. 
  • High-speed internet owing to regular internet connection maintenance.

No headache; no grunt work

You don't need to worry about managing, monitoring, and maintaining your server. The data centre will take care of the grunt work for you. 

Further cost reductions when your business becomes scalable

If your company starts scaling, you will need to put in more resources and money to maintain the upkeep of your in-house servers. This means higher expenses for a contractor, additional space needs, extra power, more security, and so on. Instead of incurring extra costs, outsource your growing server needs to a seasoned server colocation provider. 

Better reliability and security

Data centres also double up as backups to protect your server from theft, fire, flood, or any other damage to your company premises. Most data centres have CCTV cameras that protect your locked servers. Plus, you can ensure only a limited number of people can access the server locker to prevent theft. 

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Enjoy the Positive Impact of Single Server Colocation with Vodien 

Most small-sized businesses need to take the onus of keeping their data secure. This is where single-server colocation emerges as a great alternative, particularly if you have only a few servers on-premises. 

If you are looking for a colocation hosting partner, consider Vodien’s colocation hosting services: 

  • We offer reliable, secure, and high-performance colocation. 
  • You can put up your servers on a full rack in our highly reliable data centres. 
  • Deploy and scale your infrastructure in our data centres without breaking the bank. 

As a small business owner, getting investors and leads to your door is more critical. Focus on what matters the most — your customers — and let the experienced professionals handle server hosting and management needs. 

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