Smart Marketing: 3 Effective Ways Trademark Holders Can Use Their .cyou Domain|Using .cyou as a primary web address|Create higher recall with branded .cyou short links|Increase traffic to inner pages with smart redirects


May 28, 2020

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Smart Marketing: 3 Effective Ways Trademark Holders Can Use Their .cyou Domain

This guest post is written by Eshan Pancholi, Senior Marketing Specialist at ShortDot.

There’s a cool new domain extension in town! Yes, the .cyou domain extension is here and ready for its Sunrise launch. 

.cyou, short for “See You”, is a slick new domain extension designed especially for today’s generation of technologically advanced individuals and brands.  

In fact, .cyou is intended for enabling Gen Z to bring their ideas to life. Also, to help businesses that want to revamp their identity to appeal to modern, younger audiences.  

.cyou for Trademark Holders

Trademark holders will be delighted to know that they now have the opportunity to register their trademarks and rights with .cyou, this June 2020 

This exclusive timeframe, or Sunrise Period, is a great opportunity for you to secure your trademark on a savvy new domain extension like .cyou before it opens up for the general public.  

3 Ways Trademark Holders Can Benefit From Using a .cyou Domain Name

With .cyou’s clever positioning of reaching younger audiences, it’s important to know how trademark holders can strategically use it to amplify their presence and reach. 

Here are three effective ways trademark holders can benefit from their .cyou domain name:

1. Make marketing actionable by using .cyou in your primary web address

Using .cyou as a primary web address

Make your marketing actionable by setting .cyou domain as part of your primary website address. 

It’s quite common to see several noteworthy brands still opt for awkward and hard to remember names on conventional domain extensions. 

With .cyou, trademark holders not only get access to the latest and coolest domain extension that’s perfect for younger generations. They can also pick their trademarks and/or a memorable and brandable domain name for their primary website that’s short, smart, and simple. 

For instance, if an online eyewear retail business opts for, it makes for not only a short and memorable domain name but for one that communicates the trademarked name in a highly unique and brandable manner. 

Trademark holders can include their short, memorable .cyou domain name on their social media posts, video and image posts, newspaper and magazine ads, and all other online and offline marketing platforms to create higher recall and increase traffic.

2. Create higher recall with branded .cyou short links

Create higher recall with branded .cyou short links

Social media is the ultimate playground for marketing and brand building, especially for trademark holders in the likes of brands and influencers. 

However, an important social media marketing asset is often overlooked – short links. Several trademark holders actively post images, videos, blogs, and more with cryptic short links that look like or 

These gibberish short links are almost impossible to recall for future reference. By customising these obscure links, trademark holders can further their social media presence and capitalise on their existing follower-base for better marketing. 

Custom branded short links are highly recallable, and they also reinforce the trademark holder’s brand with links that are shared. 

For instance, if ‘The Eye See You Store’ wants to share a blog post on their social media, they can simply use or if they want to share a new video, they can use

3. Increase traffic tinner pages with smart redirects

Increase traffic to inner pages with smart redirects

Another smart way to make the most of a .cyou domain name is to use it as part of a forwarding link or a redirect to the inner pages of their website. 

For trademark holders who are looking for ways to gain traffic to their inner pages or product pages, a new domain extension like .cyou can be a game-changer. 

For instance, if ‘The Eye See You Store’ wants to drive traffic and promote their new line of sunglasses, they can simply use as a redirect to their sunglass’s product page.  

This implementation is especially useful for websites that have numerous product pages coupled with a long domain name. 

Imagine having to share on social media or printing it on a newspaper ad. Compared to, which is easier to remember, type, and share. 

Get your .cyou domain before anyone else does 

Trademark holders can use their .cyou domain in multiple ways to augment their marketing and brand-building efforts.  

They can integrate the aforementioned techniques in their respective marketing strategies by registering their trademarks with .cyou. 

Are you a trademark holder? Register your .cyou domain name today with Vodien.

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