September 30, 2009

Cloud Computing, Cloud Security < 1 min read

How To Stop WordPress Attacks on Your Blog

WordPress is a great software, but to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience, some security measures must be taken. One great WordPress security plugin is WordPress Firewall.

WordPress Firewall is a simple enough plug-in to use. Just install, activate and you're good to go! It automatically blocks any suspicious looking activity on your WordPress blog, including traversal attacks, SQL injections, and other nasty WordPress attacks and hacks.

One caveat though: I realised that sometimes, the plug-in will block you when you're in your WordPress admin panel. I found out when I was trying to upload a photo, and WordPress redirected me back to my homepage. I didn't realise what was happening until an email came in saying that "an attack was blocked". If that happens to you, just whitelist the page/variable and try again - it should work after that!


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