10 Ways to Segment Your Email List for a More Targeted Email Marketing


November 29, 2022

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10 Ways to Segment Your Email List for a More Targeted Email Marketing

In marketing, it’s salient to be well-attuned to the needs and wants of your target audience so you know what kind of content to produce, the kind of content that you know will pique their interests and will eventually turn them into paying customers.  

The same goes for email marketing. According to HubSpot, the most effective strategies for email marketing campaigns include subscriber segmentation (78%), followed by message personalisation (72%), and then email automation campaigns (71%). 

In this article, we’ll introduce to you 10 different email segmentation strategies that will surely bring you ROI. 

10 Ways to Segment Your Email List for a More Targeted Email Marketing 



A person’s purchasing habits or shopping choices are affected by their demographics. Demographics include their age, gender, income, race, marital status, ethnicity, employment, and education.  

For example, some gen Zs and millennials are into trendy scarf tops. So, you market your products to them and then generate revenue. But you won’t make the same when you sell these to baby boomers because their lines of interest are entirely different from that of the younger generations. 

Being aware of your target audience’s demographics can go a long way for your business.  

Day and Time 

When sending your emails, you have to consider the day and time of the week. You might be at a disadvantage when you bombard your target audience with emails on weekdays when they probably only have free time to check non-work emails on weekends.  

However, there is no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to the perfect day and time to send your emails because it all boils down to your target audience’s preferences. You have to determine their likelihood of opening and reading emails by sending high-quality emails during different days and times of the week for a month. You can do this process repeatedly while taking note of the open and CTR or click-through rates.  

Geographic Location 

Geographic Location 

This is when you send your emails to your subscribers according to their geographic location. When you send geo-targeted emails to your subscribers, they’re more likely to respond and engage if what you offer solves their problems or answers their needs.  

For example, you are organising an event at your brick-and-mortar store. You can invite your local subscribers to your event with all the necessary details. This will increase foot traffic to your store and your emails will be more relevant to your local customers in the future. 


Segmented emails that target the subscribers’ interests are more likely to attract their attention. You can do this by creating customer profiles to get detailed information about your subscribers’ interests. 

Once you already know their interests, you can build your email marketing strategies around them to target your subscriber’s interests effectively.  

Purchase History 

Purchase History 

Want to make a one-time customer become a repeat customer? Segment your subscribers by their purchase history. You can do this by providing valuable content based on their recent purchase. For example, if they recently purchased maternity clothes, you can provide them with pregnancy-related content. You may even cross-sell products that go well with their recent purchase. This is one way of keeping their interests and needs in mind even after their purchase from you.  

Position in the Sales Funnel 

A sales funnel is a marketing term that illustrates the journey that prospects go through when they make a purchase. It involves five stages: Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action, and Loyalty. The subscribers at the top of the funnel are just getting to know your brand. What you can do is send them a welcome email series that introduces your brand, products, and services. 

For existing subscribers, it’s best to identify the emails that they open or engage with the most. This can do you good in the long run by providing content that interests or resonates with them the most. 

At the bottom part of your email is cart abandonment. These prospects had the intention to buy but had second thoughts. What you can do is send out an email series, reminding them about their cart for them to carry on with completing their purchase. 

One-time Customers 

One-time Customers 

This strategy focuses on customers who bought one of your products, but never made a purchase again ever since. Your email campaign should bring them back to your brand and motivate them to make another purchase. You can start by offering discounts on your best-selling products or sending reminders to renew their subscription. 

Amount Spent on Items 

This criterion refers to segmenting your customers who are more likely to purchase high-value items from those who prefer to purchase affordable ones.  

With this kind of segmentation, you’ll determine who to sell your various products to. This helps increase your sales effectively. 

Website Activity 

Website Activity 

Website activity refers to how users interact with your website. This helps you identify what they are looking for exactly.  

Do they frequently visit your FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions page or product page perhaps? Send them an informative email about the range of products or services that you offer. Do they add to cart but never checkout? Elicit FOMO or Fear of Missing Out to motivate them to checkout. 

You can track your website activity by using Google Analytics or heatmaps.  

Subscription Renewals 

Subscription renewals ensure that you are generating revenue continuously. Your customers may lose track of when their payment is due without timely reminders. 

Send them friendly reminders about their next payment. This is also a great opportunity for you to upsell or cross-sell other products and services. 


Ensure ROI on Your Email Marketing Efforts 

Different email segmentation strategies ensure that you are hitting the right audience through personalised content. With email marketing, you don’t just send emails alone. You have to think outside the box and make your content appealing then track your emails if they have been opened or clicked. 

With Vodien’s email marketing solutions, you can perform all these tasks seamlessly. With different plans available, you can easily choose what’s best for your business. Contact our representatives today to help you decide what plan is best for you. 

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