6 Tips to Boost Online Security This Holiday Season
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December 9, 2020

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6 Tips to Boost Online Security This Holiday Season

The holiday season is finally upon us!

Consumers are now starting to visit their favourite online shop to reserve or purchase gifts for their families, friends, and themselves.

But as online sales go up, so do the incidents of fraud!

Research has shown that online fraud takes more than $12 billions of ecommerce revenue globally. They achieve this by using malicious hardware, stealing confidential data, and prompting hefty chargebacks.

Don't fall into these traps.

Get to know the different security tips you can implement to protect your business and customers during the holidays.

How to Fight Back Fraud Attempts

Pick safe payment options

Pick safe payment options

Vulnerable payment methods are usually a fraudster's gateway into your business. They use every trick in the book to bypass your existing security system and transfer the payments to their bank accounts.

To avoid this, choose a safe online payment option. Platforms such as Google Pay, Square, and Stripe are famous for their robust security systems. Each carries advanced security features that identify, flag, cancel, or reject any fraud attempts.

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Ask for strong passwords

Ask for strong passwords 

Most online stores require customers to create an account to enjoy exclusive discounts and deals. But if their passwords are short, typical, or predictable, fraudsters can easily breach their profile and use them to make unwanted transactions.

That's why it's crucial to require customers to make stronger and longer passwords. Also, encourage them not to use the same password they used on other websites.

You can also add additional layers of security by asking for alternate e-mail addresses, social security numbers, and similar verification details.

Look out for suspicious signs

Lookout for suspicious signs

There are tell-tail indicators that can help you detect potential fraud. Below is a list of online warnings signs you should keep an eye on:

  • Multiple failed login attempts
  • Continuous logins from different devices/IP addresses
  • Large quantities of high-value orders
  • Unverifiable international shipping addresses
  • Multiple transactions via a single card
  • Usage of various cards for shipping to the same address
  • Big-ticket items ordered in a short period of time

These signs, when identified quickly, lets you intercept and prevent potential online scams and account takeovers.

Beware of phishing

Beware of phishing 

Customer service departments generally receive more emails during the holidays. And this sudden increase in mailing volume can make you a target for phishing assaults.

Scammers send a barrage of emails with suspicious attachments and links that when clicked, can lead to a massive data breach.

Prevent that from happening by deploying spam filters, encrypting sensitive information, installing anti-malware solutions, and ensuring 24x7 monitoring before the holidays.

Make use of technology

Make use of technology 

The quick advancement of technology is both a blessing and a curse. Fraud groups use it to bypass security systems and steal data. However, you can also use it to protect your digital assets against any potential rip-offs.

For example, you can use an address validation software to determine the true location of your buyer. Also, you can deploy different security authentication measures to verify consumer identity and enhance data protection.

Watch out for shipped orders

Watch out for shipped orders

Lastly, keep track of your shipping transactions. Online fraudsters can trick your employees and ask them to ship items to a different delivery address.

At times, they even request you to change your shipping carrier! You can counter these attempts by rescreening orders, verifying buyer credentials, or stopping the order midway.

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Enhance your security system

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity for marketers to launch campaigns that can double or even triple business sales. Don't let fraud attempts disrupt your business goals and break customer trust.

Mitigate holiday scams early through those tips. You can also choose to get an all-in-one website protection package managed by a team of security specialists.

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