Expert Tips for a Fast Growing Email List


November 29, 2022

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10 Expert Advice to Grow Your Email List Faster

You may be thinking: Isn’t email marketing dead? 

Statistics show that it’s not and it’s here to stay. For starters, there are about 102.6 trillion emails annually. In fact, the numbers are expected to rise in the years to come. On average, an email user receives 13 commercial emails daily. 

From being a communication tool, email has now become an asset in marketing strategies. Yes, it doesn’t make as much buzz as other mediums such as social media, but it boasts an average return of $42 per $1 spent – outperforming all other marketing campaigns.  

Take advantage of email marketing and build your email list. Of course, to fully maximise email marketing, you need to attract more subscribers. 

10 Tips to Increase Your Email List Quickly 

Offer solid lead magnets 

Lead magnets are "freebies" given to potential customers in exchange for their contact information. They are most effective when they answer the audience's needs. 

Use lead magnets as valuable information for your web content. For additional promotions, you can also link them to your products. 

Here are a few lead magnets you can offer:  

  • Tutorials 
  • Editable planners 
  • Editable templates 
  • Checklists 

Include CTAs in your webpages 

Make it simple for anyone to subscribe. Always keep easy-to-read CTAs in their line of sight. 

However, a word of caution: user experience should remain smooth and CTAs must not interfere with it. The CTA button should ideally be at the end of an article or landing page text. You can likewise go through less meddlesome pop choices like opt-in bars. 

In addition to the placement of your CTA, nothing beats high-quality content. Create useful and compelling content that entices visitors to click your CTAs. This helps you gain the trust of your audience and grow your email list. 

Provide valuable gated content 

Articles or posts that are completely or partially inaccessible are known as gated content. To gain access to the restrictions, the user needs to sign up using their email addresses. 

Of course, use this only on posts or content with important information. 

You can also restrict access to a more advanced section of the document and provide sufficient information. Use this to conclude a more in-depth or informative continuation to a general article. 

Make use of social media 

make use of social media

When it comes to boosting your email campaign, you can't ignore the power of social media. 

Facebook lets you include a sign-up button on business pages. Your social media posts can also be linked to your sign-up forms for an easier subscription. Promote your lead magnets to attract attention and show them treats that await them after providing their email address. 

Trade access to exclusive data 

Make an investment in the production of relevant data such as infographics, statistics, white papers, survey results, and case studies. Researchers, interested customers, and other businesses are interested in this industry-specific data. 

Your website will not only help you grow your email list, but it will also be the primary data source for other websites. This boosts your portfolio of backlinks and helps your SEO. 

Offer discounts and promotions 

Discounts and promotions are a great way to generate leads because no one will turn down a good deal. 

If you want your email list and sales to grow, this is a good email marketing strategy for online businesses. Customers who are interested in subscribing to a service can take advantage of special coupons and discounts. 


Giveaways are a great way to quickly grow your email list, website traffic, and social media following. Instruct participants to like, follow, and share your social platform in addition to providing their contact information to be eligible to win a giveaway. 

The risk is attracting subscribers who are irrelevant and only care about the contest's short-term gain, not your brand. Set up specific prizes that just pique the interest of your target audience. 

Collect emails offline 

Bring sign-up sheets to corporate events, workshops, seminars, expos, and other business-related events. Collect email addresses from people who already care about the business your brand serves. 

Encourage walk-in customers and clients to leave their email addresses on the sign-in sheet. Make sure they are aware of the purpose where the data will be used and what they are signing up for. 

Create webinars 

 create webinars

Webinars are a useful tool for advertisers as well as the people who watch them. 

The audience can upgrade their skills quickly and easily. Aside from that, organisations can acquire email addresses while presenting themselves as experts in the field, thereby increasing brand awareness and credibility. 

Keep your sign-up forms simple 

Make your form shorter by asking only the most important questions. Name, email, password, and email confirmation are typically fundamental information. 

Tell users about the benefits they can get for providing their information. Make sure they get their hands on it right away – whether it's to unlock a lead magnet or receive exclusive promotions. 

Expand Your Audience and Your Email List 

It's hard to position your company for success if you ignore the value email marketing can give. Get the most out of this profitable platform by improving your ways of building email lists. 

This marketing strategy will not only help you get in touch with more people, but it also helps you build your brand as a whole. 

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