April 23, 2014

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Six Tips to Get Your Employees to Adopt the New CRM Software



Integrating a new Customer Relationship Management system can be a progressive step towards a better experience for both your customers and employees. To ensure that your new software is well worth your investment, you need to get your employees to learn how to adopt it in their daily processes. Below are six tips to develop an effective CRM training pro gram.


1. Underscore the benefits before using it

Educating your staff upfront on its benefits will give them a better picture on how its usage fits into the company's goals. Leading them directly on the technical aspect without informing on the benefits may push them off on a wrong start and may not effectively reinforce their practical knowledge to their tasks.


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2. Break it down in phases

There's no doubt that CRM training can be time consuming and expensive. But never make the mistake of shoving everything at once just to cut on costs as this will never work out in the long run. It is better to first train employees with the basics before gradually going into more sophisticated features. So if your CRM vendor provides a system for mobile devices, you might want users to learn how to use it on a PC before moving on to mobile.


3. Select an ideal training method

Choosing between a self-paced online tutorial, on-premise vendor training, and in-house training method will depend upon the complexity of the system, and how well users can adapt to the training. Online tutorials are ideal for learning the basic concepts at the user's pace. Hiring a professional trainer to train on-site tends to have more impact since trainees are given instructions in clearer details and their questions are answered real-time. Of course, this doesn't come cheap and some vendors may not offer this option. In-house training is beneficial when the instructor has a solid expertise using the system and understands your company's special needs. In-house training is an excellent choice if you expect someone to regularly train new hires in the future.


4. Provide ongoing support

CRM training is not a one time deal. There should be an ongoing training for current users and new hires to refresh them on the process and be up-to-date with the new features being rolled out.


5. Evaluate training objectives

To determine if the CRM training program was successful, you need to review training objectives. These objectives should be able to illustrate specific knowledge during the training and implement what they've learned in their daily tasks. Properly executed objectives will inform team managers what tasks they want their employees to do, how to improve them and which tasks should be eliminated.


6. Obtain feedback from employees

Another way to evaluate if the training program has served its purpose is to get your employees' feedback. After completing the training, you can hand out a survey that they need to fill out to assess if the training was beneficial to them. Don't forget to follow up with them periodically to know how much knowledge they have retained and which are currently applicable to their skills.


By making sure that CRM training will work to everyone's advantage, you can get the desired results without wasting valuable resources. This can ultimately lead to a more efficient workforce, increase sales and maintain an awesome relationship with your customers.


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