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August 4, 2020

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Top 6 Industry Sectors That Can Benefit From a .SG Domain

Singapore is one of the wealthiest and most developed countries in Southeast Asia. 

The country is famous for its green living, tourist destinations, and having one of the best airports in the world. But on top of that, it has a booming economy with multiple industries and investors contributing to its growth. 

No wonder Singapore makes a strategic location for entrepreneurs – from startups to big enterprises.  

Leverage your Singapore-based business with a .sg domain

.sg is Singapore's official country code top-level domain 

Placing a .sg domain on your web address strengthens your business identity and lets locals and tourists easily find you online. 

For example, you own a Teh Tarik shop. When users browse for "teh tarik shop in Singapore", you have a better chance to appear on top search results. 

.sg is simple, localised, and beneficial for the following top industries in Singapore: 

Top 6 Biz Industries That Can Benefit From a .sg Domain

 1. eCommerce

eCommerceLet's start with the eCommerce industry. Singapore has one of the largest eCommerce markets in Asia. Statistics show that its revenue will amount to 100 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. 

Looking to grow your eCommerce brand in Singapore? Make sure to set up an online store that screams local, earning your local customers’ trust. 

Get started by getting a .sg domain. You can even play around it to make your web address catchy and memorable.

2. Tech start-ups

Tech start-ups Another booming industry in Singapore is its tech-industry.  

The country highly encourages tech entrepreneurs to produce apps aimed to enhance experiences and lives. 

So, whether you're an independent software developer or own a digital agency, let the locals know your brand first. 

Placing .sg on your web address boosts your visibilityand ultimately helps locals find and access your tech products and services fast.

3. Tourism

TourismSingapore is the fifth-most visited city in the world. Millions of tourists come to experience the country’s culture, food and entertainment 

Those same people are also browsing online, looking for local-based travel agencies, tour guide services and accommodation. 

And if you offer any of those services, adding a .sg lets you easily connect with them. It lets you appear credible online, boosting their confidence in your business.

4. Freelance economy

Freelance economyThe freelance industry is becoming one of the fastest-growing sectors in Singapore. As a freelancer, you have the luxury to work on your own pace and grow your network. 

Finally, .sg improves the online reach for freelancers.  

If you're a gunning writer, web developer, SEO specialist, or insurance agent, .sg improves your online portfolio. It makes you look professional and that you’re dedicated to your freelancing niche, winning clients’ trust. Then, you can expect multiple queries.

5. Financial

FinancialSingapore ranks third in the Global Financial Centre Index of 2019. It's also considered as the financial hub of Southeast Asia, holding multiple financial institutions. 

.sg can also be beneficial for businesses offering financial services, such as credit card companies, mortgage brokers, savings institutions, etc. 

What this means is that if ever you're planning to grow your insurance firm or bank, Singapore is the best place to kick it off. 

Then show your commitment to the local community by registering domain name, bringing customers and investors closer to your business.

6. Education

EducationSingapore is one of the best Asian countries to study. Apart from its strong economy, it’s also knowfor its state-of-the-art educational system. This alone can help you market your institution. 

But you need to get ahead of the local competition. This is where using a localised domain comes in handy. 

Want to gather more enrollees? Add a .sg domain to your website. You can even get creative and name it "". 

Whether you're promoting an online course or running a learning centre, .sg boosts your visibility on local searches. 

Grow with .sg

Looking to expand your business in Singapore? .sg is the domain to be. 

Like other ccTLDs, .sg gives you a competitive edge and enhances brand credibility. And more than that, it informs tourists that you exist and shows your commitment to the local community, earning their trust. 

Connect, promote, and start localising your biz website with a .sg domain today.


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