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November 28, 2023

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Understanding Bare Metal Server – A Robust Hosting Solution 




In the realm of website and application hosting, there exists a plethora of choices for both businesses and individuals. Among these options, bare metal servers have arisen as an exceptionally potent and versatile solution, catering to those in search of a resilient hosting environment. 

In this blog, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of what bare metal servers are, how they compare with shared hosting and VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, and the numerous benefits they offer. 


What is a bare metal server? 


A bare metal server is a hosting solution that provides exclusive access to physical server hardware. Unlike virtual servers (VPS) or shared hosting, bare metal servers do not involve resource sharing with other users. You get the entire server to yourself, making it an excellent choice for resource-intensive applications and websites. 


How is a bare metal server different from shared and VPS hosting? 


Let’s understand the difference between a bare metal server and shared hosting followed by the difference between a bare metal server and VPS hosting. 


1.Bare metal server vs. shared hosting 


Criteria  Bare metal server  Shared hosting 
Performance   Excellent, dedicated resources  Limited, shared with multiple users 
Customizability  High, fully configurable  Limited, restricted configurations 
Isolation  Independent, no resource sharing  Shared, multiple users on one server 
Security  High, less vulnerable to breaches  Lower, shared environment increases risks 
Reliability  High, stable performance  Average, subject to server load 
Scalability  Scalable, can handle increased demands  Limited, may require upgrading 


Higher cost due to dedicated resources  Cost-effective, budget-friendly 
Ideal for  Resource-intensive apps, large websites  Small to medium websites, blogs 


2.Bare metal vs. VPS hosting 


Criteria  Bare metal server  VPS hosting 
Resource Allocation  Dedicated physical server  Virtualized server with shared resources 
Performance  Exceptional, full server resources  Good, shares resources with other VPS instances 
Customizability  Highly customizable  Customizable, but within virtualized constraints 
Isolation  Full isolation, no resource sharing  Partial isolation, shares physical server 
Scalability  Limited, scaling requires new physical server  Scalable, can add or remove VPS instances 
Security  High, less vulnerable to breaches  Good, but shared environment increases risks 
Price  Higher cost due to dedicated resources  Cost-effective, various pricing options 
Ideal for  Resource-intensive applications, large websites  Small to medium websites, growing websites 


What are the benefits of a bare metal server? 


Bare metal servers offer a range of benefits that make them a preferred choice for businesses and individuals with specific hosting needs. We’ve listed below some of these. 



Bare metal servers provide complete control over hardware configurations, allowing you to tailor the server to your specific requirements. You can choose the CPU, RAM, storage, and other components, ensuring a setup that perfectly suits your applications or workloads. This level of customization is especially advantageous for businesses with unique infrastructure needs and specialized software requirements. 


2.Dedicated resources 

With a bare metal server, you have dedicated access to the entire server's resources. This means your applications don't compete with other users for computing power, ensuring consistent and high performance. This is essential for applications where resource contention can lead to performance bottlenecks. 


3.Quick deployment 

Bare metal servers are known for fast deployment times. This quick provisioning enables you to set up your server and start working on your projects without delays. It's particularly valuable for businesses with urgent project requirements or tight deadlines. 


4.Root access 

Root access provides full administrative control over the server. You can install, configure, and manage software and services according to your needs, making it ideal for complex or specialized applications. This level of control is often a requirement for advanced software development and system management. 



Bare metal servers offer robust security. Since you're the sole occupant of the server, there's no risk from neighbouring virtual environments. You can implement security measures tailored to your specific requirements, making it a suitable choice for businesses in highly regulated industries or those with stringent security needs. 


6.Predictable cost 

Bare metal server typically follows a fixed pricing model, making it easier to budget for hosting expenses. There are no surprises related to resource overuse or extra charges, which is crucial for financial planning and cost management. 


7.Simple scalability 

While bare metal servers may have limitations compared to cloud solutions, they can still be scaled up or down by upgrading hardware components as needed. This flexibility allows you to adapt to changing requirements without migrating to a different hosting solution, which can be time-consuming. 


8.No noisy neighbour effect 

You don't have to worry about the "noisy neighbour" problem where other users' activities impact your server's performance. This isolation ensures a stable environment, making bare metal servers suitable for applications that require consistent and predictable performance. 


9.Easy server management 

Since you have complete control, server management becomes straightforward. You can easily configure the server, apply updates, and maintain it according to your preferences. This level of control simplifies system administration and reduces the complexity of managing a server infrastructure. 


10.Better customer support  

Many providers of bare metal servers offer high-quality customer support. You can expect timely assistance and expert guidance for any technical issues. This level of support can be invaluable, especially for businesses that may lack in-house technical expertise. 



When it comes to performance, bare metal servers excel. With dedicated access to all server resources, they are ideal for demanding tasks and applications that require substantial processing power and memory. This makes them a top choice for high-performance computing, data-intensive workloads, and applications where speed and responsiveness are critical. 



The isolated nature of bare metal servers enhances their reliability. Users don't need to be concerned about the performance or issues of neighbouring users, minimizing the chance of unexpected downtime. This high degree of reliability is essential for critical applications and services that must remain accessible and perform consistently. 




Bare metal servers are renowned for their exceptional performance, unmatched customizability, top-tier security features, and unwavering reliability. These attributes make them a compelling choice for a wide spectrum of users, including businesses, enterprises, and individuals who rely on resource-intensive workloads. 

At Vodien, we are committed to deliver the best infrastructure for our customers. To guarantee the uninterrupted operation of our servers, we employ dependable Dell Rackmount Servers and Blades. Our dedicated team works tirelessly around the clock to oversee and uphold server functionality, ensuring that your website remains accessible and responsive. 

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With Vodien, your website is in capable hands, safeguarded by a combination of cutting-edge hardware and vigilant server management. 

If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to send an email to [email protected]




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