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January 27, 2021

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5 Valentine’s Day Website Inspos for Marketers and Web Designers

Can you feel the love tonight? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love-struck couples are already buying gifts. Singles are waiting for discounts and promos. Clearly, the 14th of February has something in store for everyone.

At the same time, expect more clients to drop their web design and marketing requests to leverage the season.

Tweaking website designs in line with Valentine’s Day does not call for significant transformations. Even adding hearts or sprucing up theme colours make a world of difference.

Check out how famous brands take advantage of Valentine's Day through their web design and marketing strategies.

5 Striking Web Design Inspos for Valentine's Day

Doritos Ketchup Roses 

Doritos Ketchup Roses

The famous nacho brand, Doritos, concocted a winning formula using two simple ingredients — love and love for food. The limited-time marketing campaign made innovative use of nachos to create a bouquet that customers could order for their loved ones.  

Doritos Valentines web design

While the product itself is innovative, pairing it with a minimalistic website that focused on imagery is what helped it stand out. The vibrant photos simply attract visitors and keep them hooked.  

For an added visual appeal, visitors could watch a tutorial on how to make the Doritos Ketchup Roses if they missed placing their orders. As a result, the incoming traffic continued to stream in even when they ran out of the product. 

Godiva Chocolates 

Godiva Homepage

Chocolates can’t get far behind during Valentine’s Day.  

Godiva Chocolates are the quintessential Valentine’s day gift, and the brand is aware of its position. It plays on three main marketing aspects — price sensitivity, exclusivity or limited-edition collections, and personalisation. 

Godiva Valentines web design

The website design is plain with a special emphasis on shades of pink and red to mark the occasion. Be prepared to spot several hearts in their product packaging.  

The main banner captures the eye with special discounts during Valentine’s Day. After all, visitors always look for good deals, even off-season.  

As the user scrolls through, they can browse the gifts by type and price. The shipping and delivery information is also useful for those on a last-minute shopping spree. 


Chanel Valentines campaign

CHANEL is yet another brand that understands the importance of Valentine’s Day. 

On previous occasions, they used effective strategies like engaging the visitors through personal stories linked to the products.  

By making the website personal, it appears less sales-y and more appealing to the audience. Rather than washing down the emotions, it is known for bold imagery and sultry quotes that evoke and reinforce genuine emotions and passion. 

CHANEL focuses not only on couples but also on singles who love pampering themselves.  

The website makes use of a combination of simple design and colour scheme while also making it easy to navigate.  

The plain white backdrop continues to appear festive as visitors explore the brand’s vast selection of products, which are sorted into “gifts for her/him/you” categories.  

Chanel Wrap Landing Page

Another highlight for this year’s campaign is the unique gift-wrapping offered in the signature CHANEL box placed inside an origami bag — topped with the option to add personalized messages.  

The wrapping has a dedicated landing page, which accentuates the brand’s offering. The brand also offers complimentary delivery and two samples for every order! 


Woops Valentines homepage

Woops! is a specialty macaron shop that shares your excitement for Valentine’s Day right from the moment you click on its website.  

The welcome pop-up offers a discount upon signing up. Meanwhile, the website design shows you can never overdose on pink during Valentine’s day.  

Notice the diverse colours that pop out of the page. You can witness the seamless intermingling of creative and clever product photography — which you can use as inspiration for your Valentine’s Day projects. 

Woops Valentines packaging

Woops! also created limited-edition goods created only for Valentine’s Day. Aside from the visual appeal of the product itself, the website also manages to put a spotlight on the packaging. It sports cheesy quotes like "I love you to the Macaron and back" or "You Mac me crazy.”  

Victoria’s Secret 

VS Homepage

The Victoria's Secret website makes use of a fast-paced slide of its high-quality product images. The main banner offers a unique and diverse take on love by citing love as romantic, self-love, and sisterly love.  

As a nod to Valentine’s day, the products are in the shades of racy reds, peppy pinks, and bold blacks. These images not only usher in the Valentine’s Day theme, but they also encourage the visitors to explore other sections of the website through navigable CTA buttons.  

VS Valentines Campaign

If you’re feeling clueless about what to purchase, the dedicated V-day button on the top ribbon brings you to explore the top 10 gifts curated for Valentine’s Day. Certain products display the promotional offers that the brand is running for Valentine’s Day, which adds a nice touch.  

Let your creative juice flow 

Different brands have different strategies to rope in traffic during the love month — and your creativity will help them turn leads to conversions.

Ensure your web design efforts reach your target audience — a good web hosting plan can help you get there with the help of these design and marketing inspos.

Get ready to surprise your clients with a killer website.  

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