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February 9, 2023

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[UPDATED] 9 Valentine’s Day Website Inspos for Marketers and Web Designers

Can you feel the love tonight? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love-struck couples are already buying gifts. Meanwhile, singles are waiting for discounts and promos. Clearly, the 14th of February has something in store for everyone. 

At the same time, expect more clients to drop their web design and marketing requests to make the most out of the season. 

Tweaking website designs in line with Valentine’s Day does not call for major transformations. Simply adding hearts or sprucing up theme colours can already make a difference.  

Check out how famous brands take advantage of Valentine's Day through web design and marketing strategies. 

9 Striking Web Design Inspos for Valentine's Day 

Godiva Chocolates  

Chocolates can’t get far behind during Valentine’s Day.   

Godiva Chocolates are the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift, and the brand is aware of its position. It plays on three main marketing aspects — price sensitivity, exclusivity or limited-edition collections, and personalisation.  

The website design is plain with a special emphasis on shades of gold and red to mark the occasion. The featured products’ luxurious golden packaging also adds to the site’s appeal. 

The main banner captures the eye with special discounts during Valentine’s Day. After all, visitors always look for good deals, regardless of the season.   

Users can browse through the product catalogue by type and price. The shipping and delivery information is also useful for those on a last-minute shopping spree.  


Woops! is a specialty macaron shop that shares your excitement for Valentine’s Day right from the moment you click on its website.   

The website design shows you can never overdose on pink during Valentine’s Day.    

Notice the diverse colours that pop out of the page. You can witness the seamless intermingling of creative and clever product photography — which you can use as inspiration for your Valentine’s Day projects.   

Woops! also has a Valentine’s Day Collection of macaron gift boxes that will make the sweetest present for the occasion. Aside from the visual appeal of the product itself, the website also manages to put a spotlight on the packaging. It sports cheesy quotes like "I love you to the Macaron and back" or "You Mac me crazy.” 

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Victoria’s Secret  

The Victoria's Secret website makes use of a fast-paced slide of its high-quality product images. The homepage banner immediately hooks attention with the best romantic fits for the season.  

As a nod to Valentine’s day, the products are in shades of racy reds, peppy pinks, and bold blacks. These images not only usher in the Valentine’s Day theme but also encourage the visitors to explore other sections of the website through navigable CTA buttons. Certain products display promotional offers the brand is running for Valentine’s Day, which adds a nice touch.   


Valentine’s Day is, indeed, a Hallmark holiday. Hallmark’s greeting cards are a staple to the occasion's age-old tradition. And the brand clearly knows its place in the industry with a website to celebrate the holiday.  

They went with a coral blue background for their homepage banner instead of the usual Valentine’s palette. It worked well and made the artwork, typography, and other elements pop. This is a great tip to follow. Don’t be afraid to deviate from an event’s standard design scheme.   

The website also highlighted Valentine's gift ideas on a carousel. It makes it easier for users to navigate the site for cards, stuffed animals, gift wraps, and other items. The convenience will translate to successful purchases. 


Withings is a French brand manufacturing devices like hybrid watches, blood pressure monitors, smart scales, and sleep sensors. Their website commemorated Valentine’s by sticking to their branding.  

The brand dedicated a separate landing page for their Valentine’s Day campaign, which highlighted exciting deals and offers for the season. The neutral, calming shades and neatly organised product cards make it easy to scroll the page from top to bottom.   

This shows that you don’t need to implement dramatic outline and design element changes to spruce up your website for any seasonal campaign.

De Beers 

Keeping it simple never goes out of style. De Beers didn’t need more than a striking banner and a clear CTA as their Valentine’s Day feature. The brand banked on its pieces’ timeless sparkle to capture its audience.  

The banner CTA leads to their dedicated Valentine's page filled with their best picks for the season. Anyone looking to browse for the right jewelry for their loved one will appreciate the straightforward approach. 

Coach Singapore 

More than the thought, the gift does count. You can never go wrong with a luxury designer purse to make your beloved feel special. But the price shouldn’t faze you.  

For Valentine’s, Coach Singapore went for a monochrome red background with a video banner. While there’s nothing immediately attention-grabbing about their design, the featured products made the page a conversion winner.  

Coach highlighted cut-rate items that are sure to entice gift-givers looking for designer pieces at a reasonable price. The plan seems to work as most of their Valentine’s collections are already sold out. 


Pandora’s charms and bracelets are always top gift options for the love holiday. The release of their Valentine’s gift is an anticipated event for anyone looking for the perfect jewelry and trinkets for their beau.   

Pandora’s Valentine's theme centers on being intentional and giving something “as unique as your love.” Their website spotlights their customisable charms and categorised pieces addressing all forms of love in one’s life – be it for a romantic partner, pets, friends, and family. 

The Million Roses 

Roses are a classic element of Valentine’s Day and are among the most romantic bouquet you can give to someone. The Million Roses already represents the occasion in every way, as does every flower retailer in the country. So, their website utilised another strategy to attract conversions: guarantee and urgency.  

The brand knew that everyone would be caught up in the haste and the rush of flower deliveries. Any delay would be disastrous and can potentially ruin a moment of a lifetime. The pre-order CTA with guaranteed delivery on Valentine’s Day effectively incites action.   

Instead of revamping your website for aesthetic’s sake, addressing customer challenges will resonate more with your audience and bring your brand the most business. 

Let your creative juices flow  

Different brands have different strategies to rope in traffic during the love month — and your creativity will help them turn leads into conversions.  

Aside from keeping in mind all these design tips and marketing inspos, it is most important to ensure that your web design efforts reach your target audience. The solution? Getting a good and reliable web hosting plan.  

Get ready to surprise your audience with a killer web design and a next-level site performance to make the most out of your Valentine’s campaign. 

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