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September 29, 2022

Cloud Computing 4 min read

Vodien Is Going to Cloud Expo Asia 2022 — Asia’s Most Powerful Tech Event

The biggest cloud technology event in Asia is finally back after two years! Cloud Expo Asia, Singapore returns for its 8th edition and will be held at Marina Bay Sands on 12 – 13 October 2022.

In 2019, the highly acclaimed event garnered a crowd of 21,897. It went on to bag the prestigious title of "Best International Show – Asia Pacific," awarded by the AEO Excellence Awards.

Cloud Expo Asia is an extraordinary event that brings together technology professionals, luminaries, and top solutions providers in the tech industry. Vodien is joining as a 360 digital solutions provider that fully equips businesses as they grow online.

Everyone in attendance can enjoy these unique opportunities:

  • Discover cloud solutions from over 100 premier solutions providers like Vodien.
  • Join conferences featuring Techweek Mainstage, DevOps Live! Workshop, Next-Gen Cloud Strategy Theatre, Digital Transformation Stage, and DevOps, Containers and Cloud Native Theatre.
  • Hear expert insights straight from renowned thought leaders.
  • Network with industry peers and business leaders and connect with potential partners.

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Drive Your Business Forward With the Cloud

Cloud computing plays a significant part in businesses adopting digital strategies. For one, it makes online migration convenient. Cloud technology makes remote collaboration seamless, with data access possible on any internet-connected device. Its automation capabilities also streamline tasks and processes, reducing manual workload.

No wonder more than 90% of businesses in the Asia-Pacific region now incorporate a single to entirely hybrid cloud environment. However, 44% of those operating on hybrid cloud only see the benefits without a formal strategy.

Cloud Expo Asia targets the need for business technologists and entrepreneurs to have an avenue to discuss, learn, and gather actionable insights on cloud development.

Vodien at Cloud Expo Asia

Vodien: A 360 Digital Solutions Provider

Quality digital infrastructures and solutions are necessary for businesses to thrive and surpass key competitors.

This is how Vodien caters to its customers — it's present from day one. It provides a full spectrum of digital solutions to facilitate adoption, competency, and growth for small to large enterprises.

Get to know Vodien's most essential hosting solutions and newest offerings that will take centre stage at Cloud Expo, Asia 2022.

Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated hosting is a service that grants customers their own physical server. Since they're the sole tenant, they get complete control over their resources and their business's growth.

Vodien's Dedicated Server provides customers with enterprise-level hosting performance with a robust server at their complete disposal. It's a fast and reliable solution for businesses looking to grow online with speedy hosting, maximum resource flexibility, the highest uptime guarantee, and an ultra-secure hosting environment.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting has both the qualities of shared and dedicated hosting. It resides in a shared hosting environment but provides users with dedicated resources through virtualisation. The emulated virtual servers, or instances, give users sole control and flexibility over their resources. This ensures that other instances in the parent server won't affect their performance.

Vodien's VPS Hosting runs on the NVMe cloud and ensures the fastest web speeds for optimal site performance. It also allows customisation, so users can add resources as needed to facilitate growing traffic and other rising demands.

Disaster Recovery Services

Outages and issues in primary production workloads cause critical disruptions. They might be due to a minor hitch in the system or a temporary shutdown. Cybersecurity attacks also threaten to steal, manipulate, and wipe out an entire organisation's data.

Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery (DR) is Vodien's newest addition to its suite of web solutions. It replicates physical and virtual workloads to a cloud recovery site. The replicated virtual machine (VM) ensures speed and ease in disaster recovery, enabling businesses to meet recovery time objectives (RTO) and recover point objectives (RPO).

With this asset, businesses can also offer disaster recovery services to their clients to boost trust, drive customer retention, and earn recurring revenue.

Managed SEO

A web presence doesn't guarantee increased traffic and sales. Although ecommerce sites are accessible to anyone in the globe with internet access, businesses may find their website unable to pick up traction. Plus, it's hard going up against giant names and household brands pushing their website on the top search results.

Vodien's Managed SEO saves website owners the hassle. It connects them with a dedicated team that helps them reach their business's online goals through search engine optimisation (SEO).

With these goals in mind, the team implements SEO actions and fixes issues affecting keyword use, page speed, and other factors. It also tracks website performance and generates reports on how a website has improved and what other components need further work.

With Managed SEO, businesses can focus on running their business, assured that their website is in expert hands.

#1 Hosting Provider in Singapore

Since its establishment in 2002, Vodien has become Singapore's top online solutions provider. It powers 64% of local dedicated websites and serves over 61,800 local businesses, holding the largest market share in the country.

As a 360 digital solutions provider, Vodien has grown to be a one-stop shop for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to achieve online success.

To date, it supports over 35,000 businesses and 210,000 active users. It continues to strengthen its position in the Asia-Pacific region as a leading name in the industry.

Vodien's recent partnership with Newfold Digital reinforced its goal of helping small businesses on a global scale. It's now under the same umbrella as reputable tech industry names like Bluehost, Crazy Domains, BigRock, Freeparking, and Web.com.

Check out Vodien at Cloud Expo Asia, 2022

Business owners, marketers, and IT specialists are invited to visit the Vodien booth at the upcoming Cloud Expo Asia 2022 in Singapore. Aside from learning about the brand's full suite of website solutions, they'll also get exclusive in-event offers on Vodien's most trusted products and services.

This is the year's most prominent business event, uniting the best industry names in technology across and beyond Asia. Network with peers, meet potential big-shot clients, learn from renowned speakers, and source cloud products and services that efficiently take businesses further. Reserve your slot now or let Vodien reach out to you to learn about their best offers and newest solutions.

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