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October 11, 2021

Business Continuity 2 min read

Vodien Ecommerce Webinar: Driving Ecommerce Opportunities with the Right Servers

With the COVID-19 crisis, businesses confront unprecedented and disruptive situations. While no one can predict what life will be like after a pandemic, one thing is certain for businesses: they have to stay on trend.

With this in mind, we’re launching an on-demand webinar entitled, "Driving Ecommerce Opportunities with the Right Servers." Our Business Development Manager Joel Lor will walk you through the latest ecommerce trends and solutions for your business.

The 40-minute webinar will also feature an ecommerce success story with Vodien client, Polar Puffs & Cakes.

Ecommerce trends leading the way

Ecommerce trends leading the way

Ecommerce is an ever-changing industry. Every year, new trends come up that can help your business stay ahead and relevant in today’s business world.

If you fail to hop onto the trend, you won’t only make your business look obsolete, but you’ll also miss out on surefire ecommerce opportunities that’ll help increase your bottom line.

Join Joel as he shares insider knowledge on how to stay relevant in the face of fast innovation driven by a variety of new technologies. This session will cover artificial intelligence (AI), big data management, and non-AI trends that you should keep on your radar today.

Artificial intelligence

It’s no news that AI is taking over the retail and ecommerce industries. From chatbots to intelligent recommendations, AI is a powerful tool that helps streamline business processes.

Big data management

Big data is another trend that’s taking the ecommerce industry by storm. The use of big data helps ecommerce businesses increase revenue, understand customers, and improve their market position.

Non-AI trends

Mobile shopping, online payment methods, and video marketing are some of the non-AI trends that are here to stay — and will continue to shape the next normal in the ecommerce industry. With an influx of mobile users today, these easy-to-apply trends can drive profit to your online storefront in no time.

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Make the right technological investment

Make the right technological investments

As the world shut down at the height of the pandemic, businesses shift their efforts and resources from offline to online. Following this shift are new trends and a change in online consumer behavior.

Thus, it’s imperative for businesses to have a dependable IT infrastructure that keeps up with these changes. Applying these trends to your business wouldn’t be possible without robust server resources that best fit your online needs.

The right server or hosting environment will not only keep your operations online. It will also create efficiencies, increase productivity, and provide the best customer experience for your business.

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