October 7, 2009

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Vodien has a blog

This post may be 2 posts too late, but I think it's still something that we're proud of, and want to announce. Vodien was founded in 2002, and it bravely faced the world with a simple website offering services in information technology in general. Fast forward till today, and Vodien has evolved into one of the fastest and strongest web hosting companies out of Singapore, serving not only the Singapore market, but the international one as well.

Over the years, we've seen so many things come and go. Back then in 2002, the world just experienced the dot-com bust, and while the Internet wasn't in its infancy, it was definitely still not in its prime. Guestbooks, big "Enter Here" pictures, and gaudy flashing signs and twinkling stars were often found on websites. These days, everyone is connected with web 2.0 social networking sites and services. Everyone was on Facebook and Twitter - it's what everyone uses.

It's come to a point where the team at Vodien decided that it was time for Vodien to start its presence, not just in the form of a company blog, but through Facebook and Twitter as well. We see a lot of things happening on a day-to-day basis in our company, and we're excited to have these new social media channels to share the latest company happenings, knowledge that we have, and to just engage and connect with our customers.

So look out for our posts, look for us on Facebook and Twitter, and stop by and say hello!

Vodien @ Twitter
Vodien @ Facebook

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