5 Solutions to Look Out for in Vodien's Online Marketing Hub


November 8, 2022

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5 Solutions to Look Out for in Vodien’s Online Marketing Hub

The internet is widespread and available. The number of users continues to increase every day.  

As businesses continue to bring their brands online, you’ll need a solid online marketing plan to stand out from the rest. Now, online marketing can be tricky, but with the right tools and solutions, you’ll be marketing your brand like a pro in no time. 

Vodien’s Online Marketing Hub Is Finally Here: Here’s All You Need to Know   

The wait is over! Vodien’s Online Marketing Hub is finally available for all your online marketing needs. These exciting solutions further our mission to become the go-to end-to-end web solutions provider in Singapore.   

Boost your brand’s online presence with our trusted quality tools and services. Learn more about them below.  

5 Online Marketing Solutions for Your Business    

Traffic Booster    

Do search engines know your website exists? 

Traffic Booster submits your website to the world’s most popular search engines — like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Submit your site to popular search engines and directories, monitor your website performance in real time, and up your game with the new SEO tactics.   

Kickstart your traffic, generate leads, and boost your online presence.    

Best For:  

  • Small-medium business owners  
  • Local businesses and startups
  • Online service companies  
  • New website owners 

5 Solutions to Look Out for in Vodien's Online Marketing Hub

Simple SEO    

Rank higher on search engines. Simple SEO allows you to create a customised action plan to improve your online visibility. It also alerts new tips and critical issues affecting your rankings.    

Simple SEO suggests keywords that lead to your site when customers search online. Get a DIY solution that delivers your website to your target audience through search engine results. Drive traffic and qualified leads to your website today with Simple SEO.   

Best for:  

  • Businesses who want a DIY SEO solution 
  • SEO beginners to experts 
  • Companies with niche products and services 
  • Brands in highly-competitive industries 

5 Solutions to Look Out for in Vodien's Online Marketing Hub

Managed SEO    

No time for SEO? No worries. Let the experts handle it for you.    

Stay completely hands-off and focus on running your business while we work on boosting your website rankings. Simply receive our progress reports and stay stress-free.  

Sign up for any of our Managed SEO and let our team analyse, plan, and apply the latest data-driven SEO strategies for your website.   

Best For:  

  • Small businesses, startups 
  • Large enterprises 
  • Businesses in competitive industries 
  • Businesses looking to outsource their SEO strategies 

5 Solutions to Look Out for in Vodien's Online Marketing Hub

Email Marketing    

Build lasting impressions with customers and grow your business in a snap.  

Email Marketing allows you to promote your products, upsell to current customers, and even re-engage unresponsive customers with this low-cost advertising channel. Communicate with your audience, drive sales, and turn leads into loyal customers. 

Set up, design, optimise, and manage your upcoming email campaigns. Get insights on your emails including Open and Click rates with the use of a feature-packed drag-and-drop platform. Tweak your messaging and design for future campaigns and track real-time email feedback in minutes.  

Best for:  

  • Businesses with an existing target audience and subscribers 
  • Small/Medium business owners   
  • Businesses looking for a cost-effective advertising platform 
  • B2B and B2C eCommerce stores  

5 Solutions to Look Out for in Vodien's Online Marketing Hub

Business Directory    

Ensure that customers know how and where to reach you.    

List your business on Google Maps, Instagram, and Facebook. Vodien's Business Directory lets you list your business in major local and global directories and GPS systems, leading customers to find you when they look for products and services online.   

Put your updated business information and publish it on our growing directory lists. Increase search and foot traffic; widen your reach and drive offline and online traffic to your store.  

Best for:  

  • Businesses with physical stores  
  • Small/Medium business owners  
  • Lesser-Known Brands  
  • Locally exclusive businesses  

5 Solutions to Look Out for in Vodien's Online Marketing Hub

Ready to Boost Your Online Marketing Strategy?    

Your online presence and marketing strategy are crucial to your business’ success. Keep up with today’s business trends and compete against all the brands online. Expand your reach among potential customers with Vodien’s Online Marketing Hub.    

The sooner you sign up for our services, the sooner you reap the rewards. Grow your business with us and start your marketing journey with Vodien today.   

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