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May 20, 2021

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Why Use VPS Hosting for Your Mid-Scale Website

A website is now essential for every business more than ever. And to maximise its highest potential for your online success, you need a web hosting solution that supports your business growth.

If you start experiencing slow loading time and frequent downtimes, it’s high time to reevaluate your web hosting needs. You may already need to upgrade to a hosting service that can cater to your business’s changing web needs. In this case, most website owners turn to VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting.

What is VPS hosting? 

VPS allows you to have full control of your own server and configure your resources based on your specific needs. Each VPS is wholly independent of other accounts on the physical server. This means you’ll not be affected by the activities of other users sharing the server. 

This hybrid model enables larger enterprises to enjoy the flexibility of the cloud while getting the freedom of any private hostingThis, and more on how your large-scale website can benefit from using VPS hosting.

How Your Large-Scale Website Can Benefit from VPS Hosting

Scale your website on your own terms

You need to optimise your website to cater to the increasing demand of your growing business. Your hosting resources must be fully capable of handling this. This is what VPS gives you.

VPS hosting makes it easy to scale operations that require no downtime, ensuring that you are ready to handle higher traffic levels and perform optimally at all times.

Boost website performance

Get a performance boost_

Innumerable other users are using the same server as your business in a typical shared hosting solution. This may not create any significant issues but can affect performance if a particular user gets higher than usual traffic; it can slow down all the websites on the same server.

The server being drained due to the surge in activity by your neighbour is a common occurrence. This means your website functions as a separate entity, and performance issues due to other users will never be a problem.

With VPS, you have a separate allotment for bandwidth, CPU, memory and storage capacity even though you’re sharing a single server with other users. So even when multiple users on the server drain experience peak traffic, it will not slow down your website's performance in any way.

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Vodien VPS Hosting

Gain greater control of your hosting

Unlike other shared servers, VPS gives you complete freedom to take control of your computing environment.

This means you can choose the operating system of your choice and run the compatible apps that you want without being restricted by the web host you have chosen. Users can even configure their server to suit their requirements. 

Increase security 

Increase Security

VPS hosting is substantially more secure than a shared hosting platform. Businesses and commercial websites are always susceptible to cyberattacks and risks of being hacked.

With VPS hosting, you are a single entity with your own apps and data storage. This is entirely separate from other users, making it difficult for a virus or cybercriminal to get unauthorised access. With easy OS updates, patches, firewall settings, intrusion monitoring and remote backups, you can make your server's security tighter, ensuring no third party can hack into it.

Enjoy cost-efficient growth

Cost-efficient growth

For most large and medium organisations, managing IT hardware for dedicated servers can be expensive, given the running costs and maintenance associated with them. 

VPS hosting offers organisations a midway solution between shared and dedicated hosting, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about expensive IT costs. This, while getting optimum performance, super-fast loading speeds, and zero downtime.

Power your online growth with the right web solution

To set up your business for online success, you should start by building a solid digital environment.

When it comes to your web hosting, there are a lot to choose from. You can start by evaluating your current web needs. If you’re planning to upgrade from shared hosting, VPS hosting would be an outstanding choice.

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