Top 5 Web Hosting Trends that Impact Businesses Worldwide
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July 20, 2022

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Top 5 Web Hosting Trends that Impact Businesses Worldwide

Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a rise in online traffic in every industry. In 2020, a whopping two billion people made online purchases. This goes to show that a business without an online presence is bound to lose traction and revenue in its market.

So if you’re a growing business, it’s crucial to choose a hosting provider that can manage your website traffic. After all, your choice of web host also impacts your SEO.

However, this doesn’t mean you should reach out to the most popular brand. In fact, it’s best to shortlist providers integrating the latest hosting trends. Let’s explore these trends below.

Offers Cloud Hosting

Offers Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a type of hosting that works through virtualisation. It splits a physical server into multiple dedicated virtual clouds giving clients more resources and power in hosting their website. In fact, this hosting option has seen tremendous growth generating as much as 400 billion USD last year.

It’s clear that this will be a top hosting option in the future— something you can take advantage of now.

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Provides additional services

Provides additional services

The web hosting industry is highly competitive. Every site you visit, you’re bound to encounter the phrases “best hosting” or “your reliable hosting partner”. To stand out, some providers integrate online tools into their hosting to enhance value.

For example, one hosting product can come with a website builder. Others also include marketing services such as SEO and content management.

By purchasing these premium options, you save yourself from buying those tools and services separately.

Offers Green Hosting

Offers Green Hosting

More organisations and businesses are adopting a greener approach to their branding. Some are initiating eco-friendly projects while others are integrating renewable services in their business— such as choosing a green hosting provider.

And since web hosting employs multiple hardware systems, it generates large amounts of carbon emissions. With this, some providers are now offering green hosting.

Green hosting reduces carbon footprint by powering its data centres with trees and renewable energy. Its centres also use the best power-saving appliances. So aside from getting enough resources, it’s also good to know you’re business is minimising carbon footprint.

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Comes with HTTPS

Comes with HTTPS

Another hosting trend a hosting provider should offer— and for free— is HTTPS. It’s a type of security protocol that protects the data between a user’s computer and the site he/she is in.

Securing an HTTPS signals users and Google that your website is safe to transact with. It should also come with an SSL certificate which is responsible for encrypting the data.

AI Integration

AI Integration

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized tech-based industries in the last few years with no signs of slowing down.

Hosting providers who integrate artificial intelligence will not only cut costs but also provide more efficient and error-free services to customers. The AI system will be responsible for doing essential tasks such as monitoring and preventing security breaches.

Choose What’s Best for You

The web hosting industry is constantly evolving, and we have briefly looked at a few trends that are expected to define the landscape of the industry.

But despite what popular trends may dictate, the best web hosting service for you is the one that serves all your requirements.

Therefore, take into consideration all the relevant variables before you make the final choice. These include your costs, size of operations, target audience, owner involvement, features and so on.

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