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December 14, 2022

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Top 8 Web Tech and Development Trends to Expect for 2023

Web developers are constantly trying and testing new web development technologies in the present tech-driven market. They’re developing advanced tools and trends every day, most of which are increasingly becoming crucial for businesses to succeed in this competitive market in the long run. 

Regardless of the business industry, websites and applications are integral to its success and growth. Although mobile apps have become quite significant for potential customers, they can seldom beat web applications. 

This is because web apps don’t need to be installed separately and can provide functions and features without taking up permanent space on the device. Hence, web development strategies are constantly being developed by integrating new advanced technologies into the process. 

Here, let’s discuss the expected web technology and development trends for 2023, keeping in mind the innovative shifts happening in the industry. 

8 Web Tech and Development Trends for 2023

To determine which trends will take over in the coming year, you must ask yourself: what’s the future of web technology? The answer is simple. 

New technological advancements, such as blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), serverless architecture, etc., can revolutionise web development practises.  

Several companies are already using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), motion UI, and other techs to improve their product and operations. 

Let’s discuss eight upcoming web development trends we can expect in 2023. 

API-First Developmental Approach 

The Application Programming Interface (API) has always been at the forefront of the web development industry. But recently, you might have seen the emergence of the API-first approach. 

The API-first approach refers to the practise of creating APIs before writing code. This is helpful for companies dependent on cloud technology. Since they have to implement processes to ensure continuous delivery, microservices architecture, and containers, they must start at the right place.  

Building the API first makes the system more stable, high-quality, and predictable. It can also support a large number of users, thus ensuring scalability and high availability at lower costs. Most importantly, the API communicates with other programmes independently of the language used in the app.

The Motion UI Framework  

Another trend gaining recognition is the motion UI frontend framework. Many software developers and designers use motion UI to build fully responsive web designs with motion enabled in a native app setting. This technology elevates any design project by making it more user-friendly, interactive, and dynamic. 

With user experience becoming increasingly important over the years, motion UI will surely be a top player in the web tech market.  

Apart from creating beautiful websites, motion UI enables custom animation integration, CSS transitions, and prototyping of elements quickly.

Web pages with animation and transitions are more likely to draw visitors and uplift the UX and UI aspects of the site. It also reduces bounce rates and boosts conversions. 

SSO and Two-Factor Authentication 

SSO, or single sign-on, is a trusted authentication method already used by many companies for website access. It lets users sign into different applications with the same credentials.  

SSO is highly encrypted and safe. Plus, websites verify the token's authenticity before passing the login check. 

Another security trend in the web development world is two-factor authentication. Dual verification is already popular with several websites, like Google, Amazon, etc. In this method, users provide two different identity verification methods, such as password plus OTP. 

SSO and two-factor authentication will become mainstream in the coming time, with threats of hackers and cyberattacks increasing by the day. 

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Blockchain Technology 

This encrypted database storing system has several benefits. It makes transactions secure and reduces error margins. The use of its digital currency, Bitcoin, has entered the mainstream market in the last few years and is here to stay. 

There are over 81 million blockchain wallet users in 2022. This technology has the potential to carry out online transactions without third-party interference. Thus, users highly consider blockchain wallets for reducing security breaches.  

IoT and IoB 

IoT is a network of internet-enabled devices to conduct data transfer without manual intervention. It’s one of the most promising new web tech trends. You can expect a drastic increase in internet devices operating globally in the next few years. 

IoT enables constant data transfer, customer interaction, and personalised user experience. It also helps create advanced communication channels between operational models. Cameras, sensors, biometric devices, and many more, can make use of IoT. 

IoB, on the other hand, is the Internet of Behaviors. While IoT connects devices, IoB collects data into a single database. With IoB, you can monitor user behaviour and model it. This allows businesses to predict customer behaviour and use the data to improve products and services.

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Progressive Web Apps 

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are built using HTML and JavaScript and can work on any browser to provide an excellent user experience. PWAs are gaining popularity due to their ability to replace native mobile apps.  

They also provide smooth service in unstable or unavailable networks, which is why many businesses offer this solution to their clients. PWAs have features like offline access, cached content, push notifications, etc.  

They’re perfect for creating an immersive UX and increasing engagement on sites. Plus, they have low developmental costs. Some examples of PWAs are Spotify, BMW, Telegram, and Starbucks.  

Cloud Computing 

Now, cloud computing is already a raging trend in 2022. But it’ll become more popular in the coming years. Companies have resorted to cloud-based resources for hosting, networking, analytics, storage, and computing needs. 

With remote work becoming a norm after COVID, several businesses have moved to the cloud. The cloud infrastructure market will likely grow by 35% in the coming year. Companies like AWS, Google, Netflix, etc., have already moved to the cloud. 

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Serverless Architecture 

Serverless computing is a web development model of the future where a third party hosts your architecture. This frees you from maintaining delicate hardware and software, as well as avoids system overloading and data loss. 

Major vendors like AWS are supporting serverless architecture as the preferred model for the future. This technology is applicable to IoT products and backend requests for futuristic development.  

Companies are now ditching on-prem infrastructure in favour of cloud storage and virtual private servers (VPS). A VPS server can solve all your web hosting needs with flexible plans and customisable resource allocation. 

Choosing a VPS server goes a long way in making your business scalable, competitive, and futureproof, apart from saving huge money and resources in the long run.

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Build a Futureproof Business with the Latest Development Trends! 

Companies are now focusing more on user experience and website performance rather than onsite hardware and personal infrastructure. With all resources available on the cloud, businesses are free to explore new tech trends without spending too much money or exhausting their resources. 

Technologies like AI, ML, voice search, chatbots, virtual reality, augmented reality, etc., are entering mainstream development strategies. 

In 2023, be prepared to witness more technological advancement in these fields. And if you don’t want to be left behind, futureproof your business by studying and incorporating these latest trends wherever possible. 

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