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June 23, 2020

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What You Need to Know Before Getting an SSL Certificate

If you want to improve the credibility of your website, having an SSL certificate is imperative. Users now demand a secure execution when they’re looking for a product or service online.

With SSL Certification/HTTPS protocol, your business data and customer information are securely captured through the website. That’s why 95% of browsing traffic is now generated on the HTTPS or SSL-equipped websites.

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Now, the question is, what is the right type of SSL Certificate for your website? This can be a daunting task, especially when you have little knowledge about it.

That’s why this article will discuss the types of SSL certifications and factors that’ll help you select the right one.

5 Factors to Consider When Getting an SSL Certificate

1. When to get SSL 

When to get SSLIdeally, any business should get an SSL certificate as soon as they build their website.

While it is possible for websites to run purchases via PayPal since you don’t need an SSL Certificate in this case. But once you start taking bank details, an SSL Certificate is required for PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance.

Hence, having an SSL is inevitable for the growth and credibility of your organisation eventuallyIt lets you show trust with customers.

2. Dedicated or shared

When choosing the right type of SSL Certificate, knowing the difference between a dedicated and shared SSL is crucial.

Dedicated certificates are exclusively owned by you. Most likely, it would cost more than shared SSL. That’s because you also get optimal support and security.

Meanwhile, shared certificates are owned by multiple users or other domains on the same server you’re using. They may be free and not secure enough most of the time.

So, if you have an e-commerce website, getting a dedicated SSL Certificate would be best for you. In fact, even if you are capturing users’ personal details through a form or a page, shared SSLs are still not recommended. 

3. Encryption level

Encryption levelSSL Certificates have different levels of encryption. Make sure to select the right type according to your website’s functioning and features.

In most cases, using asymmetric encryption is more secure because it uses two different keys to encrypt and decrypt. Unlike symmetric encryption which only uses one key.

For instance, the 128-bit key is suitable for e-commerce when you are capturing the payment details of users. This key has 340, 366, 282, 463, 920, 463, 938, 607, 374, 431, 211, 456 and 768 possibilities. It wouldn’t be easy for hackers to break this encryption.

4. Type of SSL Certificate

Type of SSL CertificateFor your business, you can purchase the following types of SSL certificates:

  • Single domain 
  • Multi-domain 
  • Wildcard domain

For blogging websites or small businesses, a single domain is best suited as it covers one domain alone.

However, larger organisations use multi-domain. Because it gives the flexibility to use one certificate for more than one domain. The one-certificate-for-all gives improved flexibility to your business. Even the management of your SSL certificate would be easier in this case.

Wildcard domain hamixed functionalities. You get one certificate for one domain. However, you have the flexibility to cover more than one subdomain. 

5. Validation type

After selecting the type of SSL Certificate, you have to select the validation type – which plays a key role in the security of your website.


Domain Validated SSL Certificate is the basic type. It provides minimal encryption which is perfect for an organisation running on a budget. However, if you are collecting personal information, this type of SSL certificate is not advised.


Organisation Validated SSL Certificate offers high assurance and proper security to users during transactions that contain sensitive information. This displays information about the website to differentiate it from malicious websites easily.


Extended Validation SSL Certificate is the most preferred due to the highest level of assurance and security offered. This certificate displays the business name, padlock, HTTPS, and country for distinction.

An organisation processing information, receiving payments and allowing logins should use this certificate.

Get the right SSL for your website 

When you need to select an SSL certificate, start from the first point, and shortlist your options.

Keep filtering SSL certificate types based on your requirements and reach the one which is best suited for your organisation. Ankeep your budget in mind. Above all, make sure to get it from a reputable provider.

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