October 21, 2009

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Which Operating System: Windows 7 or Snow Leopard?

With the upcoming retail release of Windows 7 on October 22, we're expecting the computer world to be fairly shaken up. The previous operating system released by Microsoft was a disaster - ridiculously long boot-up and shut-down times, annoying nag messages, and incompatibility issues are only some of the issues faced by users of Vista. With Windows 7, many of the issues are fixed, but this might not be enough. Apple's latest Snow Leopard release is 4 weeks old, and is already built upon a stable, mature operating system.

With the large changes that users are expected to make by upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7, we're expecting some people to consider making the switch to a Mac. In fact, the following CNET article even shows that the Mac might be a better choice if you're not oriented towards computer gaming.

Read the CNET Article

As a summary, these were the points of the study:

  • Snow Leopard consistently beats Windows 7 in many general performance areas.
  • Windows 7 noticeably outdoes Snow Leopard in the 3D image rendering benchmark.
  • Windows 7 plays 3D games better than Snow Leopard.
  • Snow Leopard lasted significantly longer than Windows 7 on a single charge.

To sweeten the deal, Apple may even launch promotional offers during this period to entice Windows users to switch to a Mac. With the hassle of upgrading to Windows 7, the bad experience left by Windows Vista, and the good experience of the Mac, we can probably see more people switching to a Mac, though this will definitely not reduce Window's 92% hold of the market significantly.

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