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August 25, 2022

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WordPress vs Linux Hosting: Which is Best for Your Biz

There are different types of hosting services out there – and a lot of them. It can be quite nerve-wracking to choose, right? 

Among the different varieties of hosting, WordPress Hosting and Linux Hosting remain popular choices to most users worldwide. But the question is, which one fits your business needs best? 

Learn more about WordPress and Linux Hosting and their differences. 

WordPress Hosting vs Linux Hosting: A Comparison

WordPress Hosting

Linux Hosting

WordPress Hosting plans come at a lower price tag but some custom solutions can be expensive.  It can be more expensive than WordPress Hosting, but more affordable than Windows Hosting. 
WordPress offers specific plugins that provide speed optimisation for your websites.  It has been known for its fast and steady performance even after years of usage. 
Servers can be configured to safeguard websites against specific WordPress threats. It’s reliable and ideal for sensitive data and financial transactions. Linux servers are rarely infected by software attacks because of a different file system that makes it difficult for unauthorised people to access. 
WordPress Hosting supports PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Linux supports PHP, Ruby, Perl, and Python. 

Installing non-WordPress software and apps is limited, but there are plenty of available themes and plugins to enhance your website.

Since it uses an open-source operating system, Linux hosting provides more flexibility, especially for a business’s more complex needs.

WordPress Hosting

The Advantages of WordPress HostingThis hosting is ideal for WordPress websites because it provides customised solutions, services, and support optimised for the WordPress environment — ensuring you get maximum performance.


Pre-installed:WordPress is pre-installed when you get this type of hosting, which enables the developers to easily configure, design, and maintain your WordPress website. This makes development fast and without any compatibility issues.

Performance:WordPress Hosting ensures the compatibility of the hardware, software, and firmware to run the software smoothly, minimising any chances of a software crash.

Cloud-based hosting:The key to high-performing WordPress Hosting is its cloud-based nature. Because it offers scalability and high reliability, it reduces or even eliminates instances of downtime.

Security and back-up: WordPress Hosting offers premium security and backup plugins for your website.


Future costs: WordPress Hosting is generally affordable, and there are many free plugins and themes to choose from. However, costs can ramp up rapidly once you need to build or add a custom theme or plugin.

Limited customisation: Customisation of websites on WordPress is limited since the provider may restrict the installation of software outside the WordPress environment.


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Linux Hosting

The Advantages of Linux Hosting_Linux is another popular web hosting service among website owners. Let’s discuss various features of Linux Hosting and how it compares to other types of hosting.


Open source: Linux is an open-source system, which means that the resources, tools, and software programs are free to use. This is perfect for those who aren’t ready to spend much on a website launch. 

Security: Security is satisfactory. You can customise the security settings for your website. 

System requirements: Linux uses system resources very efficiently. You can still run Linux smoothly even on an old computer that has low specifications or at 256 MB of RAM at the least. 

Supports various scripts: There are lots of scripts and applications compatible with Linux, including PHP, Perl, Ruby, and Python. 


Time-consuming: Planning to switch from a different hosting to Linux? It may take considerable time to complete the migration. 

Steep learning curve: For users with less technical experience, learning Linux is hard. You have to learn about the command-line interface to complete tasks. Linux distributions, like Arch, are challenging to learn even for experienced Linux users.

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Choose the right hosting for your website

You’ve already got a clear idea about the significant features of both WordPress and Linux Hosting. The choice is all up to you.  

To choose the right hosting for your business, keep the purpose of your website and your technical expertise in mind. Linux Hosting is better if you’re looking to gain more control over all aspects of your website. On the other hand, choose WordPress Hosting if you’re looking to easily manage your WordPress website.  

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