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Double your search engine traffic with our all-in-one SEO platform.
Search Engine Optimisation made simple
Launching a website is just the first step. You're going to have to drive more traffic to turn it into a lead-generating machine.
With Simple SEO - you get a DIY solution that delivers your web pages to your target audience via search engine results.
Now you can dominate search results even without a background in SEO. You can even say goodbye to expensive SEO agencies.
Simple SEO scans your website for issues affecting your ranking. From there, you'll get a step-by-step action plan that'll help your website appear on search engine results.
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Drive Quality Leads to Your Website
Choose your Simple SEO plan
Save 10%
From $11.25



For startups and small businesses looking to kickstart their SEO strategies.

1 Keyword Index

SEO Actions

SEO Planning

Save 20%
From $23.50



Starting to scale? Choose this package to double down on your keyword strategy.

2 Keywords Index

SEO Actions

SEO Planning

Save 50%
From $40.25



Best for businesses in highly competitive industries – outrank your competitors today.

5 Keywords Index

SEO Actions

SEO Planning

Easy Setup
Simple Project Setup

Simple SEO auto-suggests keyword ideas by analyzing your website. Select one or multiple keywords you want your website to rank for to get started.

For advanced users, you can supercharge your keyword research with our how-to guides and bulk upload features.

Health Check
Automatic SEO Website Health Check

Our SEO tool crawls your website to detect issues that compromise your ranking, such as page speed, broken links, and duplicate meta tags.

It then generates a list of actions you can do to solve them right away.

SEO Actions
Set Your SEO Actions

Simple SEO's multiple algorithms analyze thousands of data points across your competitors on every keyword you want to rank for.

Based on this analysis, Simple SEO generates a list of prioritized actions organized into seven categories: Web and Mobile Development, Site Content, Design, Brand Marketing, Social and Content Creation.

Easy SEO Guide
Easy SEO Instructions

Receive full-on assistance every step of the way. Each SEO action includes how-to-guides, live examples, and easy-to-use templates, so you know exactly how to implement it.

Learn its difficulty level, the estimated time it takes to complete the action, and how crucial it is for your website.

Advanced Filters
Advanced Filter Options

Easily plan your next move. Use the filtering option to view SEO Actions by category, keyword, page URL, or the calculated time to complete an action.

Simplify Your Workflow

Create a custom SEO action list by choosing only the actions most relevant to your business needs. Simple SEO supports CSV exports for easy delegation and status tracking.

Quick and Automated Reporting

Simple SEO generates comprehensive SEO performance reports so you can benchmark your progress. See how well your existing SEO strategy is performing and work on the areas that need improvement.

4 Easy Steps to Drive High-Potential Traffic to Your Website

Add relevant keywords
Select keywords you want to rank for and add them to your Simple SEO account.
Sit Back and Relax
Based on your keyword ideas, Simple SEO generates the top 120 websites that appear on search results.
Generate an Action Plan
Generate a comprehensive list of prioritised actions you need to complete to optimise your website for search engines.
Take Action
Complete each action task to improve your SEO score.
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Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
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Why is SEO important for my website?

SEO — or Search Engine Optimisation — is the process of optimizing your web pages to increase its visibility in search engines.

To drive more quality traffic to your website, you need to show up and rank for relevant searches in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). The higher you rank in SERPs, the more traffic you get. Plus, you also increase the likelihood of converting casual visitors to customers!

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Does Simple SEO only provide suggestions for the improvement of my website?

Each Simple SEO plan differs in the number of Keyword Index/es allowed. What does it mean?

Can search engines detect the changes I have made to the website based on Simple SEO's suggestions?

Is Simple SEO ideal for beginners?

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