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Affordable & lightning-quick web hosting solutions for websites of any type!

Our shared hosting plans provide you with the basic required elements; emails, websites and more to kickstart your online presence.

Web Hosting

Affordable, lightning-quick web hosting backed by our 24/7 SuperSupport.

Business Hosting

Enterprise-level web hosting with premium features.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress-optimised hosting plan for bloggers, e-commerce, company sites and more.



A domain name allows your visitors to reach your website easily.

Look for the perfect domain name for your website with our domain checker! Choose the right domain name to represent your company's online presence.

Domain Names

Get your own professional domain name to enhance your online presence.

Free .COM.SG/.SG Registration

Get your free 1 year .SG domain, for newly registered companies.


Cloud & Servers

Fast cloud hosting and servers for businesses of any type or scale.

Vodien's cloud and server services provides for a powerful yet affordable solution. Rely on our optimised infrastructure and managed services from business websites to applications.

Cloud Hosting

Virtual Private Servers on the cloud with higher web traffic allowance and root-level access.

Private Cloud

Secure & scalable cloud environment just for your data with high customisability and support.

Dedicated Servers

Vodien-managed dedicated servers for maximum performance, customisability and satisfaction.


Get rack space with Vodien to run your servers in a secured and reliable environment.


Web Security

Protecting your website is more arduous than ever, you'll need to secure your website and visitors' information in order for your business to succeed.

Trust in our security solutions to beef up your protection and scale your website to higher levels!

Secure your Website
SSL Certificate

First step in securing your website, via SSL certificates

WebGuard - Secure your Website

Let us tackle your day-to-day security challenges for your website

HTTPS Your Website

Convert to a HTTPS site and enjoy better search rankings and traffic

Protect your Emails
SpamGuard - Anti Spam for Email

Frustrations with spam emails will be a thing of the past.


Kickstart your website in 4 simple steps.

Get your Website Address

Begin your web presence with the right domain name and web hosting plan! Let Vodien house your website and build up your online profile. Get an email hosting service to better communicate with your customers with personalised email addresses.

Design your Website

We provide you with the tools to kickstart your web design, via WordPress. Need designers or developers? Check out our list of recommended web designers to build your website.

Protect your Website

For any kinds of websites, security is of top priority. Protect your website from malware or viruses, and encrypt any incoming or outbound information with our range of security products, to keep your business online, 24/7 without any hassle.

Market your Website

Reach out to the world with our online marketing tools to boost your website! Your business should only have the best implementations out there to effectively spread your business far and beyond.

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Get Help

We pride ourselves upon our 24/7 SuperSupport promise. Contact us via any channel if you require our assistance.

Read more about our company and security coverage. Check out our web hosting guides and tutorials for you too.

SpamGuard Email Anti-Spam

SpamGuard Email Anti-Spam Solution

Accurate and affordable anti-spam solution that gives you a spam-free inbox
Spam has been a serious problem for both individuals and businesses, and affects your productivity and efficiency. Our SpamGuard anti-spam solution gives you back the experience of a spam-free inbox.

Common Challenge: Email Spam Protection

Finding a spam filter that effectively blocks spam emails and not blocking genuine emails
Finding a spam filter that effectively blocks spam emails and not blocking genuine emails
Protection against malware attachments from unsolicited emails
Protection against malware attachments from unsolicited emails
Increasing volume of email spam
Increasing volume of email spam
SpamGuard Basic

Comes FREE with:

Business Hosting plans
  • 99% Anti-spam Detection Accuracy
  • 99% Anti Virus & Malware Protection
  • Unlimited Email Account Coverage
  • Unmetered Incoming Email
SpamGuard Pro
  • 99% Anti-spam Detection Accuracy
  • 99% Anti Virus & Malware Protection
  • Unlimited Email Account Coverage
  • Unmetered Incoming Email
  • Dedicated Self-Managed Control Panel


Increase Business Productivity

In business, time is money. With our bizMail plans, your employees save time by not having to deal with spam emails anymore, giving your business great productivity gains. Focus on your important orgnaisational matters while SpamGuard safeguards your email inboxes.

Increase Business Productivity

Proven Convenience & Cost Savings

Save time avoiding hassles and integration issues. Our SpamGuard anti-spam solution integrates seamlessly into your email workflow so that you won't even know it's there. With our 99.9% Spam Detection Accuracy, you will not miss out your important emails!

Proven Convenience & Cost Savings

24/7 SuperSupport

Just like all our other hosting products, our SpamGuard anti-spam solution comes with our standard 24/7 SuperSupport Service. Every end user will be manage SpamGuard, rely on us if you ever encounter any difficulties.

24/7 SuperSupport

SpamGuard Premium Anti-spam Technology For bizMail Plans

Mobile Platforms Supported

And all other platforms supporting POP/IMAP. Read our iPhone email setup guide

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