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Protect your website and boost performance

Let us take on your day-to-day web security challenges, securing your website and optimising speeds at the same time.

Protect against Cyber Threats

Vodien webGuard is an all-in-one website security package that caters to a consistent web experience by providing various methods of website protection and optimisation.

webGuard Basic
$25.25 / mo
  • SSL Certificate Encryption
  • 1 x Monitoring Detection Points
  • Website Acceleration (One-time Setup)
  • Google Browser Security Compliance
  • Web Application Firewall (1-Tier)
  • Prevention against SQL Injection
  • Protection against Remote/Local File Includes
  • Daily Malware scan & removal
webGuard Pro
$49.92 / mo
$50.50 Save 1.16%
  • SSL Certificate Encryption
  • 3 x Monitoring Detection Points
  • Website Acceleration (One-time Setup)
  • Google Browser Security Compliance
  • Web Application Firewall (1-Tier)
  • Prevention against SQL Injection
  • Protection against Remote/Local File Includes
  • Daily Malware scan & removal
  • Remote Daily Backup (Last 7 Days - 7 Copies)
  • Advanced Log Analysis
  • Fine-grained Settings for Web Application Firewall
Why choose webGuard:
  • Fully managed by Vodien, backed by a team of security specialists
  • Ensure a peace of mind knowing that your website is protected around the clock
  • Up-to-date database, protecting you from latest security susceptibility

Only available with Web Hosting

Show customers that your website is safe

Get secured by our SSL certification, proving to your customers that your website is safe. Your website will display a green lock sign, boosting their confidence in your website.

Enhanced security coverage to beef up your site

With our web application firewall combined with our malware detection systems, attack attempts will be easily blocked while basic malware infections can be automatically removed.

We always know what’s happening

Our security team will constantly monitor your website, and scan through system logs to provide a proper security coverage. Reports on infection causes and further analysis will be provided to our customers.

24/7 security team to take action, efficiently

A round-the-clock security implementation will require a specialised team to monitor and take quick actions. Our live chat and email support team are available anytime to safeguard the integrity of your website.

What's included with webGuard
  • SSL Encryption & Google Security Compliance

    Secure sensitive information and comply to Google’s requirements for safe web browsing.

  • Advanced Monitoring Setup

    Our monitoring system coupled with our dedicated engineers will effectively detect attacks and infections.

  • Website Speed Optimisation

    Rely on our experienced application engineers to give your site speed a boost.

  • Website Firewall & Security System

    Protect your site against malicious traffic and harmful actions to your website’s files and folders.

  • Daily Malware Scan & Removal

    Automatic daily scans to ensure that your site is free of malware, around the clock.

  • Advanced Log Analysis

    Our security team will further analyse system logs and to identify other potential threats.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long will it take for webGuard to provision?

webGuard will require approximately 1 business day to administer. However, we would require further login credentials from you before we can proceed with the security and optimisation for your website.

Can I protect more than 1 Website with webGuard?

No. webGuard only secures 1 website. By default, we will secure your main website (main domain name) in your cPanel account. Please inform our team if you would like to change the insured website.

What are the minimum requirements for webGuard?

For webGuard to be installed, the mentioned website would at least be in PHP 5.3 and above. If a website is of PHP 5.3 and lower, a migration would be required for your account. Our dedicated Service Delivery team will be able to assess and schedule a migration for your account.

How does the Website Speed Optimisation work?

Website speed optimisation is done on the application level, on top of the server-level speed optimisations already enabled on our servers. Depending on your type of hosted website (WordPress/Joomla/Magento/Others), we will perform customised settings and test for the optimal setup for your website.

Can I upgrade the feature at any time?

Yes definitely, you will be able to upgrade from webGuard basic to webGuard pro and we can provide for a pro-rated upgrade for your account.

Can I use this with external hosting plans?

webGuard can only be purchased and applied to websites hosted by Vodien. We advise that you migrate your hosting account over to Vodien if you are interested in better securing and boosting your website.

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