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Check the speed and web performance of your website by running this powerful speed test tool from Vodien. These accurate results can give you an idea what steps you need to take to improve its performance.
Users' attention span has gotten a lot shorter as the latest technology ushers in more advanced and data-hungry smartphones and computers. Website loading speed is a key performance indicator for any online business and directly impacts conversions. This is why it is critical that your webpage has fast loading speeds or risk losing visitors and potential revenue.
Take our web page speed test to see how your website fares:
Understand your Webpage
speed Test Results
First Time Byte:
  • Time to First Byte refers to the length of time spent waiting for the first response from the web server.
  • High First Time Byte might lead your visitors to abandon your website
Effective Use of CDN:
  • CDN or Content Delivery Network refers to a group of distributed servers that work together to deliver content to users based on the user’s geographic location, the web page’s origin and the content delivery server.
  • It minimizes the distance and time it takes to deliver content from the web server to the visitor
Cache Static Content:
  • Caching static content is a process that allows you to specify a period of time users can store a copy of the file without having to request a new one from the server.
  • This reduces page load time and stress on the origin server
Compress Transfer:
  • Compression is a method that minimizes the amount of space that a file can consume so that it takes less time to transfer data through the Internet.
  • Compressing data can significantly speed up file transfer, save storage space and cut down costs on bandwidth and memory space.
Compress Images:
  • Compressing an image involves reducing the size of a graphic file without altering the image quality to a certain acceptable level.
  • Image compression can save disk space, reduce the amount of time needed for images to download from a web page or transmit them via the Internet
Keep-Alive Enabled:
  • Keep-Alive Enabled is a method that allows user’s web browser to establish the same TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) connection instead of creating a new one for every new request.
  • Speeds up the web page load by opening only a single HTTP connection
  • Greatly reduces CPU usage and network overhead

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