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World's Largest Domain Database
World's largest domain database

The WhoIs domain database is a list of every registered domain in the world. The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires accredited registrars to publish registrant (owner) information, including contact details, and domain creation and expiration dates, to the WhoIs database when a domain is registered. This is required policy and standard for every domain name registered.

Who Can See My Information?
Who can see my information?
Your information is publicly accessible: your name, address and phone number are all connected to your registered domain name. This is good if you are trying to sell your domain name, but can be bad news if your name and contact info is collected by a spammer, hacker, or identity thief.
I Want My Information Private!
I want my information private!

To keep your personal information private and secure you will need Domain Privacy through our official partner, Private Registry Authority®. Domain Privacy will shield your personal information from the public and the global WhoIs database. This is recommended for all business domain names.

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