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Convert your Website to HTTPS

Get your site secured with your SSL Certificate

Worry not when you need to convert your website to HTTPS, Vodien can assist you with converting your HTTP site to HTTPS, along with ensuring the validity of your SSL Certificate.

Why do I need a HTTPS Conversion Service?

Setting up a HTTPS website is more than just purchasing and installing the SSL certificate. You are required to configure your website, update any content still running via HTTP and many more. With Vodien’s trustworthy HTTPS conversion service, your site will be running via HTTPS with no hiccups.

Let Vodien manage the conversion for you for a hassle-free experience!

Learn more about the benefits of having a HTTPS website.

Enjoy the following benefits with
Vodien HTTPS Conversion
  • Google Browser Security Compliance
  • Faster page loading speeds
  • HTTP/2 protocol supported
  • Proper HTTPS configuration and redirection
only $256.00

Website HTTPS Conversion

Let us handle the conversion of your website from HTTP to HTTPS , and setup proper redirection to your HTTPS website.

Improved Page Loading Speeds for your Visitors

Personal information, transaction details and other sensitive information will be encrypted, keeping your data safe from eavesdroppers. Furthermore, your data will be protected against unauthorised edits.

Compliant with Google Browser Security Requirements

Be ensured against the new Google Browser Security by having your website on HTTPS now. We will ensure that your site is fully configured on HTTPS, and be protected against any penalties that may affect basic HTTP website.

Encrypting Important Information Between Your Visitors and Your Website

With a HTTPS website, visitors can surf your website over the HTTP/2 protocol, an improved revision of the original HTTP/1.1 protocol. This provides your visitors with faster page load speeds even with a heavy-loading page.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate consists of files that help bind a company’s details to a cryptographic key. SSL certificates are installed on web servers and allow secure connections from web servers to browsers. This activates the green padlock in the browser, and the HTTPS protocol over a secured port.

Which SSL Certificate will Vodien be using for the service?

Vodien will be utilising an SSL Certificate with SHA256 level encryption, that is highly compatible with most browsers in the market.

How will Vodien ensure the validity of the SSL Certificate?

We have a system to inform us on the validity of the range of installed certificates, and will promptly renew certificates prior to the end of the term. Do rest assured that your certificates will always be active as long as it is within our 3 years coverage.

How many websites will the conversion service cover?

The HTTPS conversion service will only cover for 1 x website. If you require to convert more than 1 website, do contact our sales team and we will be able to provide you with a customised quotation.

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