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As a premier web host in Australia, we have invested in industry-grade hardware and equipment so that your websites perform and respond quickly and smoothly.

Vodien Cloud Network
Solid Network

Multiple and geographically redundant dedicated connections to Tier-1 Internet backbones from the largest ISPs in South East Asia and USA. Peering relationships are monitored and maintained 24x7x365 and upgraded as needed.

All Data Centres deploy Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4 Routing Protocol) that enables a multi-homed provider to setup a truly redundant network. By connecting to multiple backbones, Vodien distributes data out quickly in the shortest possible path. In the even of a failure in one circuit, our network automatically re-routes data to another backbone, ensuring uptime and redundancy for our customers.


Specifically constructed Data Centre offers a state-of-the-art environment with raised floors, climate control, fire-suppression system, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and standby power generators.

Full redundancy is on hand in our Data Centres. Our generators can restore any fault in power supply. These generators can fully operate within 20 seconds after the power failure and has a redundant diesel generators with 72-hours fuel supply. 2 units of 1250kVA, each fed off dual power sources from a single grid. The data centre is equipped with an 8 x 200kVA capacity of uninterrupted power supply, with 20 minutes full load battery backup system. Liebert power supply and distribution unit is each of 100kVA capacity.

Network Operation Centre

The Network Operation Centre runs 24 x 7 x forever with 3 shifts per day, giving 1st level support, network, server and facilities monitoring. HP Open-view system and CiscoWork 2000 is used for network and system monitoring. Site-scan system is used for facility monitoring. One of the most significant benefits of selecting Vodien is the level of security that is offered from a facility, server and network perspective. Vodien's commitment to security has been a leading factor in winning and sustaining business - especially those businesses focused on E-Commerce.

Why Vodien Hosting Services

Speed, Reliability and Service. This is what separates us from other web hosts.


Multiple redundant 1Gbps fiber to major carriers in Australia, peering partners and Tier-1 providers around the world. Backhaul between Vodien's datacentres are connected via multiple redundant 10Gbps dark fibre network. Vodien utilizes enterprise and carrier-grade Juniper routers and switches to ensure best connectivity to anywhere in the world.


Our network is built with reliability and redundancy at every possible point. The core network is built from scratch with leading DELL enterprise servers for content and service provisioning. High performance and reliability is achieved through the use of an industry standard load balancing network with cloud data relaying.


Rely on our dedicated and efficient customer support team formed by our experienced agents and engineers. Vodien is here to make web hosting and email hosting, easy for you.

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