November 16, 2022

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Improve Online Visibility Through Online Directories

Every business needs a generous amount of website traffic to build a solid online presence. When we talk about this topic, search engine optimisation (SEO) is – no doubt – the most popular option to focus on.  

While information is accessible online, taking the first step towards doing SEO remains challenging. So, if you have a hard time knowing where to start, online directories will help lessen the workload on your end, with the same goal: to improve your SEO ranking.  

Online directories are like digital yellow pages that list the name, address, contact information, affiliations, and, the products and services offered by a business. They don’t only help fortify your online presence but they also help increase SEO scores.  

To help you establish your online presence, we listed down 40 online directories that help boost your online presence.  

online directories

Google My Business 

Google My Business (GMB) is the most prominent option. Discovery searches on Google are how 84% of businesses are discovered, and they don't cost anything to set up. GMB contributes to a rise in your local discovery rates. 


Bing receives approximately 76.1 million visits each month. Because not many businesses advertise on Bing, you have a better chance of increasing your online visibility. 


With its professional nature, LinkedIn is a great option for getting your business listed. The social platform can also help your sales team get high-quality leads. 


Facebook is a great way to find businesses in your area. It is used by 90 million small business owners to reach over 2.7 billion individuals. 


Starting a business online can be done with Yahoo's Business Maker. Your company gets listed in multiple directories by Its Localworks. 


Twitter is one of the most widely used social networking sites, with more than 330 million active users. It also provides Twitter for Business, an effective method for establishing an online presence. 


With over 199 million online reviews, Yelp for Business is one of the most well-known discovery platforms for restaurants and local businesses. 

Yellow Pages 

Local businesses can benefit greatly from using a business directory. One of the oldest business directories, the Yellow Pages, is a dependable source for expanding your online presence. 


Over 35 million businesses in over 200 countries use Brownbook. Listing your business here is like entering a vast ocean. Plus, this online directory lets you customise your listing for free. 

Apple Maps 

When you create an Apple Maps listing for your company, you can reach billions of Apple users worldwide by putting your business on the platform. 


Who has never heard of Tripadvisor? It is one of the most widely used platforms for hotel, restaurant, and tourist attraction searches and reviews all over the world. In 2018, it had a staggering 730 million reviews, which customers used to find great businesses. 


UberEats is a major player in the food and drink industry. If UberEats is available in your country, you should list your business there. 


AboutUs was founded in 2006 and serves businesses of all sizes. On average, over 200,000 people visit this online directory. 


Its mobile app lets users discover new places in their immediate area. Foursquare offers a gamified user interface that lets users earn badges and points by checking in at specific locations. 

Best of the Web 

Since 1994, BOTW hosted 16 million businesses online, making it a reputable and well-established player in the market. On average, it gets between 40,000 and 60,000 visits per month. 


Small businesses can benefit greatly from Manta's online directory. It's a useful platform for business networking with unparalleled engagement. This is very helpful if you want to grow in the future. 

BubbleLife Connect 

BubbleLife developed BubbleLife Connect, a customisable business directory that allows businesses to post information about their business in addition to linking their social media accounts and blog posts. 

Angie’s List 

The reviews and online directory provided by Angie's List are a great way for local businesses to gain exposure online. 

Merchant Circle 

Merchant Circle is an effective platform for businesses to connect and work together. Local businesses form a social network here, and it gives away a number of free marketing tools. We honestly think that it's a great deal. 


The platform connects over 25 million consumers with over 550,000 local restaurants and businesses in over 7,000 cities. DoorDash connects customers with their favorite national and local businesses and brings communities together by bringing "More to Your Door." 


Nextdoor is an online marketplace for products and services. It is a neighborhood-specific hyperlocal social network. The platform is accessible to eleven nations. So, if you are based in one of them, don't want to miss this. 


Like DoorDash, Grubhub is another popular food delivery app. Since this is a very popular listing, you should make sure to claim a listing here. 


The routing service, which dominated in the latter part of the 1990s, is still a dependable method by which customers can get in touch with a company. List your business on MapQuest to make it more visible. 


The subsidiary of Yellow Pages which serves as the local business directory is a platform that allows users to search for just about anything. 


Spoke is an online community that receives around 80,000 visitors each month. Users can search for and discuss relevant businesses on it. 

Chamber of Commerce 

Since 1998, CoC is serving as a dependable platform for small business listings, attracting an average of 500,000 visitors per month. 

Better Business Bureau 

Obtaining accreditation from the platform will assist you in establishing your credibility with the BBB. With up to 17 million visitors per month, BBB is one of the most popular business-related serving repositories. 


Obtaining a Hotfrog business listing can make it simpler for potential customers to locate your company. Each month, the website receives over a million visits. 


Another neighborhood-based online directory is DexKnows, which receives 20,000 monthly visitors. 


Waze is a GPS navigation tool and another high-quality Google service, like Google Maps. A lot of drivers use it to get live traffic updates and driving directions on their phones. Therefore, if your physical store is listed on the platform, customers can easily locate it. 


If you're an expert, think about getting listed on Thumbtack. The service connects professionals with more than 10 million people. 


Users can search for and evaluate businesses on YellowBook, which claims to have more than 20 million business listings in its directory. 


Users can find assistance for pets, seniors, and children here. Care is a well-known directory of businesses in specific niches. 

Dun & Bradstreet 

D&B is one of the largest business information banks, hosting online contacts for 20 million businesses. 


SaleSpider is a marketplace that connects suppliers and small businesses for local goods and services. The platform gets about 5 million people visits each month. 


With more than 19 million listings and a fair amount of traffic, ShowMeLocal serves North America, the UK, and Australia. 


CitySquares is a hyperlocal discovery website for small businesses. Even better is that it is free! 


In this online repository, you can list and advertise your business for free! The directory has over 15 million listings. It even allows you to create your very own business category. 


Factual is a smart directory to get your business listed in. You can easily reach your audience on Factual by utilising data insights and other metrics. 


Make use of social media on LocalStack to establish your business' credibility. By combining data from various social networks, users can locate you. 

Submit Your Business to These Directories Today! 

Get your business listed in both local and global directories to make it more visible online and have a wider reach. While it is true that it's difficult to do it manually, the right tools can simplify complicated tasks. With Vodien's Business Directory, you can submit your business to multiple directories in just one click.  

Remember that customers look for answers. Putting business details on online directories makes your business become more accessible to them. Make use of online directories and fortify your online presence today! 

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