July 16, 2013

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Five Lessons on Building a Great Brand Online

In a busy and chaotic marketplace, it’s easy for a product to go unnoticed no matter how great it is. When your brand goes online, it’s on the busiest and most chaotic marketplace. You’d be easily buried into irrelevance if you don’t make a good impression. Here are five ways to get and keep the attention of the audience on your brand.


1. Be where the action is. But first, ask the basic questions. Who are your target audience? What are they interested in? What are they talking about? What online platforms are they using? When you have adequate information on these things, you’d be able to position your brand well.


2. Stand out. If people can’t tell what makes you different from the competition, then your brand is downright forgettable. Set yourself apart. Find a niche market, offer a product or service that others don’t have, or be far better at offering the product and service that others do have.


School of Fish


3. Tell a good story. People like stories. A good narrative helps us make sense of things. And a good brand narrative will help you connect with your audience. How did you start? What’s your motivation? Who are the key players in your company? Creating a compelling brand story will strengthen your identity and recall with people.


4. Be ethical. The business industry is ridden with stories of brands that went under or took serious hits because of unethical practices. Be transparent, accurate and fair with how you present your brand. Even a mild misconduct can go viral and ruin your reputation. Also, virtually everything can be searched on Google nowadays so people can easily check if you’re being shady.


5. Maintain quality. Ultimately, the value of your online branding will still rely on how good your product or service is. Make sure to maintain and continually improve on the core strengths of your brand. Bottom line, people will seek out and trust you if provide what they need and you are good at it.

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