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February 21, 2023

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11 Reasons Google Workspace is a Must for Your SME

Every business needs a suite of different SaaS (software-as-a-service) products to sustain daily operations. For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), choosing the right business suite is crucial to improve productivity and regulate the operational budget. 

There are many popular solutions for business, with Google Workspace being one of them. Arguably, Google’s Workspace suite is the best-suited SaaS package for small businesses. With apps like Google Drive, Sheets, Docs, Slides, and so on, it’s the solution of choice for many.

Formerly known as G Suite, Google Workspace is the top choice for SMEs. Here’s why. 

11 Reasons Why Google Workspace is the Best Choice for Your Business 

Best Email Features with Google Workspace Email 

The first thing a business needs is an official email address. Instead of personal addresses with a generic “@gmail.com”, you can avail official email addresses from Google Workspace (GWS), e.g. “@mkdesigns.com”. 

You can link your company’s web domain to employees' emails through GWS. You can also tailor email addresses to individual employees for specific projects. Some benefits of GWS email are: 

  • Alternate email addresses for an individual user, leading to the same mailbox 
  • Secondary domains or domain aliases for multiple brands within a company 
  • Email groups for shared correspondence 
  • Convenient email access on computers and smartphones with Gmail, including Inbox, Chat, Spaces, and Meet 
  • Email filters for ads and spam emails 
  • Advanced sender verification  
  • Smart Compose suggestions based on AI 
  • A precise search engine for emails and attachments 
  • Integration with Google Calendar for synchronised access

Compatible, Reliable, and User-Friendly 

Most users are already familiar with the interface of Google apps like Gmail and Docs. This makes the learning curve easy and compatible with new functions. You would also have a negligible training time for your employees. 

Google Workspace is also highly compatible with multiple devices and operating systems. With Gmail, you can easily switch between your personal and official accounts.  

Google guarantees a high uptime rate, close to 99.9% Service Level Agreement for covered services. It has no scheduled downtime windows, thus ensuring maximum productivity.

Affordable for Small Businesses 

Google Workspace strikes the perfect balance between quality and affordability. Its pricing starts from $6 per user per month, which you can scale up to higher packages based on requirements. 

Its deals are great, and you also get discounted rates with annual subscriptions that offer monthly billing cycles.

Cloud Storage with Access Control 

With GWS, you get Google Drive as a cloud space for uploading and storing files. Depending on your plan, you get 30 GB, 2 TB, or 5 TB of storage space. Enterprise plans give you unlimited cloud storage space for your files. 

Cloud storage eliminates the risk of local file storage and lets you access your data from any device or browser. Hence, it’s best suited for a remote or hybrid work environment. 

Google also provides access control by limiting permissions (edit, view-only, or comment), so you grant permission only to people you want to share the file with.

Highly Collaborative  

Google Workspace is the most collaborative business suite of all. You keep all files online, regulate access, and share data whenever you need. You can also create Shared Drives for better teamwork. 

However, this doesn’t compromise data security. Only employees with access permissions will be able to work on the files. Once you log out of your official account, you lose access to the files as well. 

Uncompromised Security 

The chief concern about cloud workspaces is their strength of security. With Google Workspace being built on top of the Google Cloud Platform, you get the best security in the market. 

No wonder companies like Whirlpool, Salesforce, HP, etc., trust Google Workspace for their official needs. 

  • Google Workspace Admin can control how you can view and protect data across devices. 
  • Google encrypts your emails in transit.
  • Google Workspace undergoes third-party audits regularly. 
  • You can retain, archive, search, and export your data safely. 
  • You can access Google’s transparency reports for updated security information. 
  • Google doesn’t collect or store your data for advertising.

Video Conferences with Google Meet 

Video calling has become an unavoidable aspect of the present hybrid work scenario. Google Workspace provides employees access to Google Meet, an advanced video conferencing software. 

Here are Google Meet’s key features: 

  • Integrate meetings with Gmail, Chat, Calendar, and file-editing apps 
  • Invite anyone with a link 
  • Start meetings from Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Gmail
  • Join meetings offline with a phone extension 
  • Get up to 500 conference participants at one go 
  • Enable live streaming for up to 100,000 users 
  • Get noise cancellation benefits in calls 
  • Raise a hand, chat, and conduct polls and Q&As during video conferences
  • Take notes by running a Jamboard in the Meet room 
  • Change backgrounds and apply filters 
  • Share screen and record meetings

Applications for Web and Mobile Devices 

The unique selling propositiong (USP) of Google Workspace is its advanced mobile applications for Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, and so on. All these applications work perfectly on web browsers and mobile devices.  

And the best part is your work is saved and synchronised in the cloud in real time. You can also work without internet access by enabling offline syncing in the file menu. 

Personalised Services and Add-Ons 

Third-party extensions work smoothly with Google Workspace applications. You can add these for customised features or integrations. 

Find verified add-ons on the Google Workspace Marketplace platform and download them easily. Most add-ons have a free version, and some offer premium features for a fee. 

This means you can expand on GWS functionalities based on your business needs. If you want to enable organisation-wide add-ons, you can force the installation of an extension in the Google Admin panel. 

Robust Customer Support 

Every business using Google Workspace gets dedicated support from a Google partner. A team of certified Google Cloud specialists are at your service.  

The customer support team can speak local languages and is technically equipped to solve your workspace-related issues. 

You can also explore offers and discounts on your GWS subscription with the help of your Google partner. Some support activities include: 

  • Quick implementation of the workspace 
  • Complete data migration from your old accounts 
  • Training for users and administrators 
  • Invoices in local currencies 
  • Flexible payment terms and discounts 
  • Advice on expanding Google Workspace features 
  • Round-the-clock tech support 
  • 30 days of free trial

AI-Powered Productivity Insights 

Google Workspace can help analyse and optimise your workflows through Google AI. It leverages natural language processing, machine learning, image recognition, and data science to provide data-driven insights into your business decisions. 

For instance, Google Docs has an AI-powered grammar checker, Gmail has Smart Compose and Smart Reply features, and Google Sheets has BigQuery integrated to help manage large data volumes. 

This helps you cut down on manual tasks, reduce error margins significantly, and boost the productivity of the whole organisation. 

Get Google Workspace Benefits with Vodien! 

Google Workspace is undoubtedly an unparalleled business suite for small and medium businesses, with all its features and functionalities for an accessible price.

Each Google app is powerful on its own — but together, they create an office suite that enhances business workflow, team collaboration, and security.

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